Proposed Cade Cunningham Trade Nets Detroit Pistons With Multiple 1st Round Picks

Could this Cade Cunningham trade take place?

In a bold hypothetical trade proposed by Aaron Kellerstrass from Piston Powered, the Detroit Pistons would part ways with their star player Cade Cunningham, sending him to the Utah Jazz in exchange for a haul that includes multiple first-round picks and young prospects. This scenario is rooted in the recent changes within the Pistons’ front office, as new team president Trajan Langdon evaluates how to reshape a roster that has struggled to find cohesion.

Cade Cunningham cleared trade would send Cade Cunningham to Atlanta Cade Cunningham Trade

Langdon’s First Major Decision

With Trajan Langdon taking the reins from former GM Troy Weaver, the Pistons are at a crossroads. Weaver initiated a rebuild but couldn’t quite finish it, leaving Langdon with the difficult task of determining the future of head coach Monty Williams and fixing a roster filled with talented but mismatched pieces. Langdon now has the authority to overhaul the roster, potentially starting with significant moves like trading away key young players.

Would the Pistons Trade Cunningham?

Cade Cunningham, the Pistons’ prized asset, emerged as a beacon of hope despite being part of a struggling team. Last season, he posted impressive numbers, averaging 22 points, seven assists, and four rebounds per game—a rare feat for a young player in the league. Given these stats, it seems unthinkable to trade him before he even signs his second contract. Yet, the proposed trade scenario with the Jazz would at least make the Pistons pause before dismissing it outright.

The Proposed Trade Details

In this trade proposition, the Detroit Pistons would receive Keyonte George, Taylor Hendricks, the 10th pick in the 2024 NBA Draft, a 2025 first-round pick, and two more first-round picks in 2027 from the Utah Jazz. For the Jazz, acquiring Cade Cunningham would be a significant upgrade, consolidating their assets into a player who fits perfectly with their current roster.

Cade Cunningham Detroit Pistons Detroit Pistons make decision on Cade Cunningham

Evaluating the Trade for Detroit

While the trade would provide the Pistons with a plethora of picks and two young prospects, it raises questions about the team’s direction. The Pistons have already accumulated a roster of young, developing players. Adding George and Hendricks would only increase the uncertainty around their core, especially considering the lack of a clear fit between George and current guard Jaden Ivey.

Moreover, the first-round picks, while replenishing Detroit’s draft capital, are unlikely to yield high lottery selections given the competitive state of the teams they are coming from. This scenario would set the Pistons back, potentially making them one of the NBA’s youngest and least experienced teams.

The Bottom Line

For the Detroit Pistons, trading Cade Cunningham for a mix of young talent and future picks might seem like a way to reset and rebuild. However, it would likely result in further regression and another prolonged period of struggle. Instead of trading their franchise player, the Pistons would be better served by building around Cunningham, adding complementary pieces, and aiming for a more immediate path to competitiveness. If the team eventually needs to part with Cade Cunningham, they can explore trade options down the line when his value is even higher. For now, sticking with their star and nurturing the current roster might be the best route forward.

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