Proposed trade has Detroit Lions QB Jared Goff replacing greatness

When the Detroit Lions traded Matthew Stafford to the Los Angeles Rams for Jared Goff and a trio of draft picks, the hope was that a fresh start would be enough for Goff to finally play up to the expectations he once had as the No. 1 overall pick.

Unfortunately, Goff got off to a very rough start with the Lions and though he did finish the season much better than he started, it is pretty obvious to most that he is not Detroit's long-term QB of the future.

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As it stands, Goff will almost certainly be the Lions starting QB in 2022 as it would not be a good move in terms of the salary cap to cut him.

That being said, what happens if a team is desperate for a starting quarterback and they believe they could trade for Goff.

In a recent article published on, Bill Barnwell suggests that if Tom Brady decides to retire, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers may look at trading for Goff as the “best option available at a reasonable price.”

From ESPN:

A less expensive option from the top of the 2016 draft would be Goff, who had an uneven season after being unceremoniously jettisoned to Detroit in the Matthew Stafford trade. Goff's final numbers — a 67.2% completion percentage, 19 touchdown passes, eight interceptions — look fine, but he averaged just 6.6 yards per attempt and posted a Total QBR of 39.7, right between Taylor Heinicke and Davis Mills.

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Goff is realistically more of a reclamation project than a plug-and-play starter at this point. It's clear he has his limitations, but he also has size and a good arm. When he is playing confidently and has the right players around him, he can produce spectacular numbers, as we saw during his best days with the Rams. Goff is not going to excite Bucs fans, but he might be the best option available at a reasonable price.

Nation, would you be in favor of the Lions trading Jared Goff to the Buccaneers? If so, what kind of compensation do you think the Lions could get?

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  1. Send Aaron Rodgers to the bucs. That will keep him out of Denver. I’m a Lions fan currently living in Denver. Ever since the news broke this morning that the packers offensive coordinator is our new head coach all anyone here is talking about is if Rodgers will follow him here.Please not that!

    • Bro! I’m a lions fan in Denver too! Who cares if Rodgers comes here? Let’s just get him out of the NFC north

  2. It would be a shrewd move if the right compensation is obtained, and if the Lions feel one of these draft eligible QB’s are worth the risk. It would be a draft day trade made when the Bucs are on the clock. The Lions are in a rebuild, and the Bucs are a playoff team. The Lions would be doing Goff a solid.

  3. Again it all depends what the compensation would be, how much of his money we would have to eat. Plus how much dead money would be on the books. I don’t think the bucs would ever do it. Not when there is better options out there.

  4. I would b n favor of the Fords selling the team to competent ownership who has an eye for HC talent and that coach who can find awesome talent in coaches to coach players like Goff!

  5. The Lions are an endless scrimmage team in the NFL. A place that usually ends careers so if Goff can get out and start on any other team he should beg for the chance

  6. Goff had a lot to deal with, esp non existent receiver corps. The last regime gave up on many good players. I say give the boy another year to show what he can do. At 27, he is still young. The Lions have thrown away a lot of good players who are doing well with other teams. Let’s not do it here.

    • Bring Suh back home? Are you kidding? Shu hated the “D” and couldn’t get out of here fast enough. Come to think of it, Lions fans were not necessarily in love with him either. Suh can stay in Tampa and pursue those major market national TV ads he always seemed to be in pursuit of. By the way, how did that work out for him?

    • 100% agree, he still young and I don’t no why everyone is so down on Goff! He played dam good for alot of the season.

  7. Absolutely ????. Goff was a stop gap solution and his 1 year in the D was all I needed to see. The Lions, quietly have a solid offensive line and this guy was getting sacked because he has zero mobility and refused to move around in the pocket. I’m not sure of the compensation that we can get for him but the 2023 draft will be solid and we should be able to draft a few gems moving forward. They need to move on from Lynn as well even tho MCDC took over playcalling midway through the season. We need to make a play on Adam’s from GB and bring in Jimmy G until we get our franchise QB.

  8. Let’s keep Goff. Give him a year or the rest of his contract with a true #1 receiver. This year is not a Comparable year when you compare what he had with the Rams to what he had this year. If he does the same next year with an actual receiver core (or 2 years; depending on how long it takes the WR to learn the system) then discuss moving on.

    Heck, as a lions fan those final 4 games was some of the most exciting Lions football I have watched in a while. I would be ecstatic to see them get Hutch or Thib and a WR in the first round. Then work on D after in r2.

    • Bro that’s a smart and great point if view. Goff looked amazing for the talent that he had to work with, I wan never a huge fan but he looked very decent to me, and I hope he stays at least another year and if he keels looking like he did than we should give him an extension.

  9. You can have Goff for a rotting orange and a salami sandwich. I’ve never hated a team more in my life. Their ineptitude now makes me laugh and I can’t get enough of it. Hopefully that clown Cambell will continue his offensive play calling internship. Whatever they decide will be a mess. Only in Detroit would people keep rooting and spending their money for such a piece of crap product.

  10. Trade him for 2 first round picks 2022 and 2023. We’ll throw in our 3rd round compensatory pick this draft to sweeten the deal

  11. Trade him if the perfect deal comes along however, the lions need a ready to win QB. That just might bee Jared Goff. Draft a long term prospect to develop long term.

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