PTI’s Mike Wilbon has lost his mind, doesn’t think Matt Patricia is on the hot seat

Just about all of us here in the Motor City are counting down the minutes until we’re finally rid of the incompetent pair that is GM Bob Quinn and head coach Matt Patricia.

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The Detroit Lions earned yet another embarrassment under the not-so-dynamic duo at the helm – they became the first team in NFL history to blow four consecutive games after having led by double digits in each.

There is genuine concern for Brad H... x
There is genuine concern for Brad Holmes' process

And while just about everyone views Patricia’s seat as getting uncomfortably toasty, one national media member isn’t so sure.

Mike Wilbon of “Pardon the Interruption“, alongside Tony Kornheiser, discussed the chances of New York Jets coach Adam Gase and Patricia being on the hot seat:

“The history of the Detroit Lions – yes, they have fired a couple of guys after a couple of years and Patricia is in that territory,” Wilbon said.

He did add, Jim Caldwell, pick up the courtesy phone, ‘We never should have fired you anyways.'”

“Detroit is the club of Wayne Fontes, when you get some chances and maybe you can go 9-7 and hold on to your job with an 8-7 or 7-9 (record). “I don’t think either one of those two guys is on a seat that’s particularly hot.”

The segment can be viewed here.

Do you think that Wilbon is out of his mind, or do you believe that Patricia’s seat isn’t that hot right now?

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