Rams HC Sean McVay heaps praise on new Detroit Lions GM Brad Holmes

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On Thursday, the Detroit Lions made it official that they have hired former Los Angeles Rams director of college scouting Brad Holmes to be their next general manager.

Since the hire, there have been plenty of people to weigh in on Holmes and by all accounts, the Lions got a good one.

One person who knows Holmes well is Rams head coach Sean McVay, who said on Thursday that Holmes has “great emotional intelligence.”

From The Detroit News:

“Brad is a guy that does a great job,” McVay said on Thursday. “I think his ability to connect, the command he has over the draft and the ownership of the different players, and how hard he works to be able to study and do all his due diligence. One of the things I’ve always liked about Brad, that I think is a great skill set for any leader to possess, he’s got great emotional intelligence. What I mean by that is he’s got such a great way about, even if he might not agree with you, it never feels confrontational.

“I think that’s why he’ll do a great job in Detroit, building safety amongst the people he works with, where you’ve gotta be able to have the comfort to disagree but work toward solutions. I think his even-keeled demeanor, disposition, how steady he is, will be a real winning edge.

McVay made it very clear that Holmes is a hard worker and that is always trying to learn more about the game of football.

“He’s a great worker, I think he sees the game outstanding. Then he’s got the humility where he’s always trying to learn, learn more about the game.”

“He and I developed a really good relationship since I first got here,” McVay said, “and I was always just impressed with he’s got such a great feel for the players and the work that he does specific to the college scouting. But then he was always asking so many good questions to just get better at his craft, specific to seeing it through a coach’s lens. He’ll do a great job.”