Ranking the Detroit Lions 2022 regular season games by degree of difficulty

The Lions will have some winnable games in 2022

On Thursday night at 8:00 p.m. ET, the NFL officially released the full 2022 regular-season schedule (if you followed us, you knew the full schedule by 2:00 p.m. ET) and we now know the order in which our Detroit Lions will play their opponents during the upcoming season.

Our managing editor Don Drysdale has been chugging the Honolulu blue Kool-Aid like it’s his job and it showed in his “Way-too-Early Game-by-Game” predictions, which you can read by clicking here.

That being said, I thought it would be fun to go through the Lions 2022 schedule and rank the games in order from hardest to easiest. I also went a step forward and gave what I believe the chances are of the Lions winning each of their 17 games.

As you can see below, I believe that the most difficult game on the Lions’ schedule is at Green Bay in Week 18 as I am assuming the Packers will have something to play for and will give 100% effort.

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On the flip side, I believe the Lions’ easiest game will come in Week 13 when they host the Jacksonville Jaguars at Ford Field.

Here is how I rank the Lions 2022 opponents by degree of difficulty (hardest to easiest).

(1) Week 18 – at Green Bay Packers (20%)

(2) Week 12 – vs. Buffalo Bills (Thanksgiving Day) (23%)

(3) Week 7 – at Dallas Cowboys (25%)

(4) Week 9 – vs. Green Bay (32%)

(5) Week 5 – at New England Patriots (35%)

(6) Week 3 – at Minnesota Vikings (39%)

(7) Week 1 – vs. Philadelphia Eagles (45%)

(8) Week 8 – vs. Miami Dolphins (50%)

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(9) Week 14 – vs. Minnesota Vikings (51%)

(10) Week 2 – vs. Washington Commanders (53%)

(11) Week 15 – at New York Jets (54%)

(12) Week 11 – at New York Giants (55%)

(13) Week 16 – at Carolina Panthers (Christmas Eve) (58%)

(14) Week 10 – at Chicago Bears (60%)

(15)Week 4 – vs. Seattle Seahawks (65%)

(16) Week 17 – vs. Chicago Bears (New Year’s Day) (67%)

(17) Week 13 – vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (70%)

Nation, do you agree with these rankings? What do you think is the hardest and easiest game on the Lions’ 2022 schedule? Do you think they could actually contend for a playoff spot this coming season?

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