Ranking the Detroit Lions 7 uniform combos

Ranking the Detroit Lions 7 uniform combos. How do you rank these seven uniforms?

Ranking the Detroit Lions 7 uniform combos

Lions fans, we've got something special for you today! We all love our team's performances on the field, but let’s talk fashion – Detroit Lions fashion, to be specific. The Lions have graced the field with seven different uniform combos, each with its unique flair and style. Let's dive into each of these ensembles and then hit you with my rankings of these sartorial masterpieces.

Detroit Lions 7 Uniform Combos
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Let’s Break Down the Threads:

  1. Home (Blue Jerseys, Gray Pants): The classic home kit. The vibrant blue jerseys paired with gray pants are a staple at Ford Field. They embody the spirit of Detroit – bold, resilient, and unapologetically proud.
  2. Away (White Jerseys, Gray Pants): This crisp and clean look is perfect for when the Lions are prowling enemy territory. The white jerseys are sleek, providing a sharp contrast to the gray pants.
  3. Away Alternate (White Jerseys, Blue Pants): Mixing it up on the road, the away alternates switch in blue pants for an added pop of color. It’s a fresh twist on the traditional away look.
  4. Throwbacks: A nod to the past, these uniforms are a fan favorite. Simple yet iconic, the throwback design pays homage to the Lions’ rich history.
  5. All Whites: There’s something about an all-white uniform that just screams class. It's clean, it's crisp, and it makes a statement every time the Lions take the field in these beauties.
  6. All Blues: The all-blue look is a showstopper. Monochromatic, bold, and totally Detroit. It's Lions pride from head to toe.
  7. Color Rush Grays with New Blue Alternate Helmet: This combo is modern and edgy. The color rush grays are sleek and the new blue alternate helmet? Absolute fire. It’s a contemporary look that screams 21st-century cool.

And Now, the Rankings:

After careful consideration and weighing the style points, here’s how I rank the Detroit Lions’ seven uniform combos:

  1. Throwbacks: Classic and timeless. They represent the Lions’ legacy and always look sharp.
  2. All Blues: There’s just something special about this monochromatic look. It's bold, it's vibrant, and it embodies Detroit spirit.
  3. All Whites: Sleek, clean, and classy. These uniforms are a sight to behold and never fail to impress.
  4. Color Rush Grays with New Blue Alternate Helmet: The grays are just eh, but that blue helmet takes this combo to a whole new level. I have to believe the grays will be taken out of the rotation and the Lions will get a new Color Rush option for 2024.
  5. Home: You can’t go wrong with the classics. The home kit is Detroit football through and through.
  6. Away Alternates: The addition of blue pants gives the away kit a fresh twist, but it’s not enough to climb higher on this list.
  7. Away: While still a sharp look, the traditional away uniform is a bit too standard when compared to the others. It's clean but lacks the extra oomph.
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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Diverse Uniform Selection: The Detroit Lions boast an impressive range of seven uniform combos, each with a distinct design and color scheme. These include the classic Home and Away uniforms, the striking All Blues and All Whites, the nostalgic Throwbacks, the modern Color Rush Grays with a new blue alternate helmet, and the Away Alternates.
  2. Nostalgia and Modernity: The Throwbacks top the rankings for their classic and timeless appeal, paying homage to the Lions' rich history. Conversely, the Color Rush Grays paired with the new blue alternate helmet represent a contemporary and edgy look, highlighting the balance between traditional and modern styles in the Detroit Lions' uniform arsenal.
  3. Visual Representation of Team Spirit: Each uniform combo represents different facets of the Detroit Lions' identity, from the boldness of the All Blues to the sleekness of the All Whites. These uniforms are more than just athletic gear; they are a visual representation of the team’s spirit, pride, and evolution, resonating with both players and fans alike.

Cast Your Vote!

Lions fans, there you have it! Our Detroit Lions not only play with heart but also dress to impress. Each uniform combo has its own charm and story, representing different facets of our team's identity. Whether you agree with my rankings or not, one thing is for certain – when it comes to style, the Lions are in a league of their own. Now, it's your turn to rank the uniform combos