REACTION: Detroit Lions Reveal New Jerseys

The Detroit Lions had their big reveal yesterday (yay, new jerseys) and reactions were… mixed. There’s been plenty of internet chatter with opinions ranging from to .

Division rivals had their say.

Former players chimed in.

And current players made it hard to tell the difference between internet laughter and someone’s name.

At least someone loves us.

Thanks, mom.

With all thisbeing thrown around, we decided to ask around the office. What do YOU think of the Lions new uniforms? The answers did not disappoint but they were as mixed as everyone else’s.

Paul Rochon Co-host of The War Room – Vicious Opinionist

“I’ve thought the Lions needed new jerseys as part of a complete rebranding for a long time now. Out with the same-old-Lions equipment and in with the new. Too bad the new mostly sucks. Uninspired design coupled with lazy striping and branding? Permanent WCF lettering as a constant reminder of over half a century of negligence? No thanks. My very blind grandmother could’ve created better but at least the color rush jerseys we’ll never wear look solid.”

Jeff Bilbrey Founder of Detroit Sports Nation

“I hate them”

Alex Muller Senior College Editor

“I think, unlike most people, I like the new look. The Honolulu blue and silver seem to gel much better without the black trim. I especially like the road uniforms, the blue pants are an upgrade in my opinion.”

Don Drysdale Editor in Chief – Thee OG

“To be completely honest, I couldn’t care less what the Lions jerseys look like. Heck, they can run out of the tunnel with pink and purple jerseys as long as they win football games. That being said, of the new jerseys, my favorite is the throwback. Next would be the color rush, third is the home jersey, and a distant fourth is the road jersey – mainly because of the embarrassing blue pants.”

Ryan Griffin Senior NBA Editor

“None of the new uniforms moved the needle for me. The color rush grays are a legitimate abomination to team sports, and I don’t like that they got rid of the black. The blue pants are something I’m looking forward to though.”

Logan Lamorandier NFL Contributor

“The black needed to go. It represented the worst era in the history of the Lions, maybe even in the NFL. The clichéd black coloring scheme screamed desperation for jersey sales at the time of the change. I like tradition. Honolulu blue and silver is what we are, not black. The blue away pants remind me of the late 90’s Reebok years. Flashbacks of Barry Sanders appear in my head just looking at those blue pants. I might not be as high on the gray color rush as some but to each their own. All around very happy.”

Jeff Deacon Unabashed Sparty Homer – Hockey Fanatic – LITERALLY a pilot

“Don’t care, it’s Stanley Cup Playoff season.”
*gentle reminder that the Red Wings aren’t participating*
“Fine. The jerseys would be cooler if they didn’t say Lions on the sleeve. That looks dumb as ****. Gimme playoff wins not new jerseys.”

Michael Whitaker Winged Wheel Contributor

“Too bland for my liking. They had a chance to do something special with the uniforms and they’re just… meh. I preferred them the way they were last season. I don’t like the new font, either.”

It appears the only thing we can agree on is that we can’t agree on anything. Except a wish for some meaningful wins of course.

Go Lions – no matter what atrocities you may take the field in on Sundays (and Thursdays and Saturdays and Mondays).

Written by Paul Rochon

Sports are love. Sports are life. Blessed to write about the greatest sports town on the planet. Best couch GM alive.

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