Rearview Mirror: April for the Detroit Tigers

The first month of 2015 was very successful and eventful for the Detroit Tigers. Let’s take a look back at some of the highlights and lowlights of April in the D: Tigers style.


Opening Day in The D

Attending a baseball game on Opening Day is a great experience anywhere. However, there are some places that are more special than others. For instance, as a Texas resident, I can tell you that the Ballpark at Arlington is a wonderful place to see a game. Great sight lines, beautiful design, and very convenient to the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. While the ballpark is terrific, it is completely surrounded by parking lots for miles. While this is convenient, it’s just not the same as the experience in Detroit. Comerica Park is directly downtown and walking the streets of Detroit with the crowds before the game is somehow a more organic experience. It’s the difference between eating in a chain restaurant that is the same everywhere and dining in an independent establishment. Detroit has immense character and history. It was on full display on Opening Day.


Off To A Roaring Start

The Tigers wasted no time getting into the win column this season shooting out to a league best 10-2 start. The last time Detroit started so well was 1984 and we all know how that season ended. DSN contributor Alexander Mueller took us Inside The Numbers to run down the statistical dominance of Detroit in the first month of the season.


Pitching Dominance

One of the keys to the hot start for Detroit was quality pitching. Shane Greene was virtually untouchable in his first two starts as a Tiger. Alfredo Simon was also the key to many early season victories.

ABC: Always Be Closing

One of the worries among Tiger fans for 2015 was the performance of the bullpen. Particularly at closer, where Joe Nathan was once again the object of fans’ ire in Spring Training. However, due to a tragic, season ending injury to Nathan, Joakim Soria was handed the ball in the 9th inning and he has been absolutely stellar. How good has Soria been as closer? How about franchise record setting?

Some Injuries To Report

Unfortunately, there have been some injuries along the way for Detroit. In addition to the Nathan injury detailed above, the pitching staff has had some additional setbacks so far. Rajai Davis also had a slight injury recently, but, is back in action. The Tigers have also been careful as Victor Martinez works his way back from offseason surgery.


Sad News For A Tiger Hero

Hero of the 1984 World Series and Detroit native, Kirk Gibson was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Gibson had been working in the booth as part of the FSD broadcast crew this season. He has taken some time off to battle his diagnosis and all of us here at Detroit Sports Natin wish him a speedy recovery.

You Just Never Know…

The first month of the season has not been without it’s interesting moments. From a head-tilting rendition of the Tigers logo, to Bert Blyleven receiving a swift response from the internet after pulling out all the clichés during a rain delay, to baseball in the snow at Comerica Park, April certainly has been interesting.

Where Do We Go From Here?

The rest of the season looks bright for the Tigers. Despite the team having the offense disappear at opportune times, Detroit is off to a very solid start at 15-8. This has been accomplished with a depleted pitching staff that is missing an ace in Justin Verlander and with Victor Martinez still playing his way back to full strength. As the Tigers continue to get healthier, look for more solid play from Miguel Cabrera and company as they battle their way to the top of the Central Division.

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