Recruiting site now featuring sixth grade football players

Next time you go to your son’s sixth grade football game, look around, there may be scouts in the stands watching him play. Sounds crazy, right? Well, apparently Rivals doesn’t think so. In fact, they are now including two sixth grade football players on their website.

Sure, we are only talking about a couple of players, but could this be the beginning of things to come? As this news spreads, I can guarantee you that crazy parents trying to live their dreams through their kids will be sending out videos left and right. After all, Rivals must be made aware that little Billy can throw a Nerf Turbo football into the neighbor’s mailbox at the age of 10, right?

The best prospects will always be found, regardless of age, there is no doubt about that. My fear is that with the expansion of recruiting, the pressure on these kids will build, pressure that they may not be able to live up to.

Is this too young to start this process? Would you allow your kid to be recruited even before they are in high school? Let us know.

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