Red Wings’ Biggest Offseason Changes

While the offseason is not yet in full swing, the Red Wings are fully aware that they need to give their team a nice boost throughout the offseason (draft and free agency) to stay competitive through the 2024/2025 NHL season. This means big changes need to be made. 

Since no big changes have happened at the Detroit Red Wings so far, we can only speculate as to what could happen. This information is based on countless news articles and rumors that have started to swirl around a little. If even a small fraction of this comes to fruition, we reckon that the Red Wings’ 2024/2025 season will be one to watch.

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Martin Necas In?

Martin Necas was crucial for Carolina last season. This winger was pumping in goal after goal. Not too bad, especially as the Hurricanes enjoyed playing a bit more defensively. This does mean that Necas didn’t quite fit into the whole team. He was a high-scoring individual who wasn’t getting the service that he needed. So, it is no surprise that he is looking for a change of pace.

At the moment, several teams are in for Necas, but the Red Wings are said to be monitoring the trade. Some speculate that the cost of Necas may be a little bit too high for the Red Wings, but if they can pull him in, we can guarantee that the Red Wings will be scoring so much higher next season.

Other Top-six Wingers

Let’s assume that the Red Wings can’t get Necas, which is perfectly reasonable, as so many other big teams will be in for him. Who else can they get to give their team a big change in the offseason?

Well, ideally, they would keep Patrick Kane. Kane was banging in an average of one point per game last season, and that is the sort of consistent scorer you want. However, every indication seems to be that he will become a free agent—he has suggested he wants fresher pastures. In that case, there are a few other players that the Red Wings will want to keep their eye on.

Take Jonathan Marchessault, for instance. The Golden Knights want to keep him, but he has indicated that he wants a new challenge. He has about the same capabilities as Kane and has a lot of scope to improve. The downside is that he is a bit on the smaller side, which does mean that he won’t be winning the one-on-one challenges against some of the bulkier players in the NHL. However, raw brutality has never really been the play style of the Red Wings, so this may be fine.

He isn’t just a good scorer either. Oh no. He is great on the defense. So, the Red Wings could be looking to shore up both their offensive and defensive capabilities with Marchessault during the pre-season.

Other people have suggested that Trevor Zegras may be a better option. He is young, at 23. However, he has a few 60-point seasons under his belt, so it is clear that he knows how to score goals. He won’t be quite the “finished” product due to his age, but he is one of those players who you can expect to have a rise in value. 

Who Could Come in Through the Draft?

While trades and free agents are likely to be a large part of the Red Wings’ offseason strategy, they’ll also need to bring in some players through the draft. 

The Red Wings have the no. 15 pick, and all signs seem to be pointing toward them bringing in Beckett Sennecke. Although, they might have their work cut out for them here as the RW is said to be a top 5 pick this draft. Still, if they can nail him, the 18-year-old is one of the best forwards in the draft this season. He will probably gain value rapidly after the draft and help the Red Wings grab plenty of points. 

17-year-old C/RW Sam O’Reilly is also grabbing a few headlines. He won’t be a top pick this draft, but there are indications that the Red Wings have been looking at him. He is one of the more defensively capable players in the 2024 NHL draft, which isn’t bad at all, considering he only just switched up to playing in this style. 

Alternatively, the Red Wings may also want to pay attention to Tomas Galvas, an unknown player just a few months ago. However, he is already shaping up to be one of the hot prospects in the first draft round for teams in the mood for a bit more defense, which the Red Wings could do with. He is going to be a bit of a gamble, we reckon. However, it could work out, and if the Red Wings can nab him, their defense will be overhauled for the next few years.

Will This Be Enough?

Ok. So, the Red Wings are not as great as they were back in their heyday when they were easily one of the “teams to beat” in the NHL. However, they’re not too bad. A couple of sound investments this draft and free agency season could see the Red Wings improve their team drastically. They already have a decent offense and defense. It is just about making their team a little bit better. Just one or two fresh faces will do the trick.

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