Red Wings captain Dylan Larkin isn’t out for blood against Tampa’s Mathieu Joseph

Detroit Red Wings captain Dylan Larkin was suspended by the NHL for his retaliatory punch against Tampa Bay Lightning forward Mathieu Joseph during Thursday night's home opener at Little Caesars Arena.

Larkin had been hit from behind by Joseph, and was understandably angry, as it was his first game back since rehabilitation for a neck injury he suffered after a dirty spear from Stars captain Jamie Benn.

However, despite the on-ice animosity, it looks as though both parties have moved on. Larkin, who participated in today's practice, said that Joseph reached out to him, and that they've both apologized.

For Larkin, he admitted that he lost his cool.

“It was an unfortunate play — the whole thing,” Larkin said Monday. “I really felt Joseph could have let up. He had enough time to see my numbers and make a different decision.

“I was very much disappointed in myself after, and disappointed for the team. But I also think enough is enough. I’ve been through some tough times and I just felt a pain and immediately thought, here we go again. I got up and reacted and I’ll deal with the punishment. I dealt with the punishment. I’m very eager to move on. I’m very relieved it wasn’t anything serious. I served my suspension and am ready to get back out there.”

– – Quotes via The Detroit Free Press Link – –