Red Wings excited for first ‘Mother’s Trip’

Most times, fathers teach their children how to play sports. But, who is usually in charge of getting the kids from practice to practice, game to game, and back home? That’s right, usually their mothers.

For the first time ever, the Detroit Red Wings have scheduled a Mother’s Trip for their upcoming two-game road trip, when they take on the Tampa Bay Lightning (on Wednesday) and the Florida Panthers (on Thursday).

Since the last 10 seasons have all featured a Father’s Trip, a Mother’s trip is probably long overdue.

“(His father) was the one who always went with me to practices and games. Mom (Ulla) was always the one in the background that kept it all together,” Henrik Zetterberg told “I don’t think they get enough credit for that. It’s going to be nice to give a little bit back and have them with us on this trip so they can see what we do and how road trips are.”

Many of the players recalled memories of the stress that their busy schedules caused for their mothers.

“I just remember her making pizza pockets and wrapping them in tinfoil and that was our dinner from school on the way to the rink, because we lived out in the country and we would have an hour drive most times,” said defenseman Kyle Quincey of his mother, Debra. “There was really no time to have dinner, so our dinners were on the fly a lot.”

“I just remember her stressing out in the house when I would get home from school,” Nyquist said. “You had a snack and she’d get home from work and rushing into the car to get to the rink on time when you were a kid, and rushing with your gear on. Seeing her in the stands in an ice-cold barn during games and practices. Just my overall memory of that is nice to look back at,” said forward Gustav Nyquist.

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For Brendan Smith the Mothers Trip will present an interesting situation for his mother, Deirdre. His brother, Reilly Smith, plays for the Panthers.

“There were three of us (brothers) and the only reason we’re here today is because my mom and my dad,” Smith said. “It always seemed we had hockey on the same days. A lot of times you were double-dipping, so she was taking us to games. They didn’t miss a lot of games and they missed a lot of work,” said Smith.

Will she be sporting the Winged Wheel in Florida?

“I’m not sure, but she’s here for the Mothers Trip with the Red Wings so she’s got to be there for the Red Wings.”


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