Red Wings Fall in 2nd Night in S/O, 3-2

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Red Wings earn yet another point, but fall yet again in the shootout to the Blackhawks, 3-2.

The Red Wings came into this game needing to pull out every point possible, and they came out playing like it. The first period was a big defensive battle from both ends, with an electrifying playoff feel to it. A couple penalties for either side went unconverted on, and the period would end scoreless, as both goaltenders stood tall in their cages, showing stellar play. Chicago had an 11-10 edge in shots over Detroit.

Offense for both sides finally sparked going into the 2nd period. The Blackhawks opened the scoring at 6:11, as in a battle in front of the net, Viktor Stalberg was able to circle behind the net uncovered, and tap in the puck into the empty side of the net for the first goal of the game. Red Wings would answer in the closing quarter of the period, specifically on the power play. Johan Franzen, doing what a mule does best, set himself up in front of Corey Crawford, and was able to tip a point-shot from Carlo Colaiacovo around the goaltender for the Wing’s first goal of the game at 15:40, tying the game. Cory Emmerton’s persistence would then give the Wings the lead in the game. Battling with the puck off to Crawford’s right of the net, he managed to bring it to net-front, and waiting out Crawford’s positioning, managed to roof it over him into the net at 17:39 to take the lead. Detroit ended the period with a 19-18 edge in shots.

Both teams were tight through the majority of the 3rd period. Penalties both ways but none were converted on thanks to good penalty killing. The Blackhawks would manage to tie it up in the closing moments of the period at 17:03, when Jimmy Howard make a great initial save, but the puck left sitting in the crease with players laying all around left him no chance to clear it out, as Jonathan Toews came in to sweep in the Hawk’s 2nd of the game, tying it 2-2. Some very close, tight play by the Red Wings would force the game into overtime, and give the Wings a crucial point.

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Great pressure from both sides in overtime, though, would push the game to a shootout, the second time in the season between the Hawks and Wings, and the second time in consecutive nights for the Wings. The goal scorers in the 5-round shootout were Henrik Zetterberg, Marian Hossa, and Brandon Saad, who would win it for the Blackhawks.

The Good: The Red Wings’ penalty kill continues to shine for them. This will be a very, very crucial part of their play in the post-season, barring they make it.

The Bad: They played fairly tightly in this game. Only complaint I’d have is the number of turnovers, and the play in front of their own net, especially what led to the tying goal in the game at 2-2. You can’t be laying on the ice in front of your netminder. It only leads to bad.

The Wings get a night off, and then head to Nashville to take on the Predators on Sunday evening. If it was crunch-time before now, then going into Sunday’s game we’re heading into critical mass.

-Nate’n Webb



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19 thoughts on “Red Wings Fall in 2nd Night in S/O, 3-2”

  1. I want to make the playoffs but really dont want to play Chicago. They seem to own us at this point

  2. Not good enough. NOT good enough. 2 points in 2 games? And then we play Nashville on Sunday in Nashville? This team just can’t get it together. Teams behind us are winning their games and that doesn’t bode well for us, at all. Not with so few games left.

  3. And that’s where the trouble starts. Do not underestimate any team. They always play the Wings hard.

  4. they just aren’t bringing it though as of late, nothing is working for them. I think their confidence is only getting worse. I agree with you 100% but I don’t think they are much of a worry at this point of the season

  5. No one should blame Howard, he can only do so much, it takes an offense to score goals and a defense to force turnovers

  6. All that we need to know is that Holland has something up his sleeve. He’s done nothing to replenish this defense and in 2 yrs has failed miserably to do anything before the deadline. Dats, Hank and Howie can’t carry this entire team alone. Starting to look like 07′ pistons

  7. Stupid contract???? You do realize that Howard has been the only reason why we’re in the playoff race, right?

  8. Yes it is a STUPID contract… Could of signed him for less nobody else wants this bum… If you think that was a good extension you better take a better look at reality… What has happened the last 3 years with Howard in the net in the playoffs anything? Ill answer NOPE.. Will be a one and done series if they even make it and getting in as the 8th spot is a joke.. Get real and stop being such a HOMER.. That contract is a joke.. Countless times the Red Wings have had a lead and when gets to under 10 mins in a game don’t hold your breath on winning a single game with that bum in the net…

  9. No one else wants the bum? Seriously? Tone down the hate, Nick. I know plenty of people, non Wings fans, that often praise Howard and his skill. The kid is a solid goaltender. Oh, and playoffs? Making the playoffs the last three years was possible because of Jimmy. In case you didn’t notice, this team had been slammed by injuries, and our goalie kept us in the game plenty of times when the team was struggling. You cannot blame him for where we ended up falling In the playoffs. That’s like me saying ‘we lost against SJ because Abby kept taking really stupid penalties and SJ capitalized on them.’ Sounds dumb, doesn’t it? The team is responsible for winning or losing a game.
    And Jimmy has been an instrumental part in winning many games this season. Can’t blame him for defensive turnovers or a struggling offense.
    As for your 8th spot is a joke comment? The Kings didn’t seem to mind last year when they got that spot and went on to win the Cup. Now stop blowing your top over our goalie. He’s the future. If you don’t like it, go bandwagon another team.

  10. ^ and who are these people are they NHL GM’s I think not, all the money that they just spent on Howard should of been used to retool this team… Oh wait that’s right NOBODY wants to come play here and if you consider just making the playoffs a success your kidding yourself this team is in a world of hurt if you think Howard is the goalie that is gonna win you a cup go away HOMER and see this deal for what it is. It’s a loyalty move and could of been signed for less now you are stuck with this bum… And you know nothing about me so don’t assume you think I’m a bandwagon fan clown.. And you calling him a young KID is a joke he’s almost 30 this is as good as he is gonna get don’t kid yourself into thinking he’s gonna get to elite status.. And again all these fans waiting for lightning to hit twice with an 8 seed get off the kool aid…. So again congrats on this extremely STUPID contract and now you are stuck with him… Red Wings will not win a cup with Howard as goalie your kidding yourself if you think it’s gonna happen quit being a HOMER and realize what that money should of been used for and it definitely shouldn’t been used on him… And Howard has had one good year in the playoffs other then that very average.. Don’t come at me with what he’s done in the past because it is absolutely irrelevant to the hear and now.. And for all the people not pissed off at this contract enjoy the dead wing era that’s coming because its knocking on the door… And you’ve proved more then one of my points the talent on this team is subpar and that mixed with a very average goalie is disaster waiting to happen .. Look what happened to the Pistons by staying loyal for too long because Red Wings are following suit dead on… And being out east next year haha laughable unless real talent comes to this team..

  11. And seeing as Howard is your profile pic you are the prime example of what a HOMER is you couldn’t understand how stupid of a contract this is if it was spelled out in crayon for you go away clown…

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