Red Wings GM Steve Yzerman Admits to Feeling the Pressure

Steve Yzerman says he feels some pressure to make the playoffs in 2024-25

During a Fourth of July press conference, Detroit Red Wings GM Steve Yzerman quipped with reporters, questioning their presence at Little Caesars Arena on a holiday. “I have to be here,” he explained, highlighting his dedication to the Red Wings.

Yzerman had a busy week as he approached the start of free agency with a plan, adapted it as needed, and emerged with a roster that prompted the inevitable question: Does Yzerman feel the pressure to make the playoffs?

“Yeah, a little bit, honestly,” Yzerman admitted. “Our fanbase wants to win. We came close last year to making the playoffs. The finish of our season was very dramatic. A little bit maybe misleading — like, we’ve got to really improve in some areas. We’ve got to get deeper.”

Steve Yzerman

Steve Yzerman is Building a Competitive Team

“I think we’re in with that group of our teams that have a chance to compete for the playoffs if we stay healthy, if our goaltending is good, and you get some players who outplay your expectation,” Steve Yzerman noted. “We might get in. I look at our team today and roster today, and compared to last year’s group, it’s a little bit different. It might be a little bit better fit as far as roles for players, where they play, or where they sit on the roster today.

“We’d love to make the playoffs, but we’re going to try to continue to build a really strong nucleus of younger players that are going to be around here. It’s the right way to do it and it’s taking some time. I can’t tell you if it’s five years, seven years, 10 years. I’m just going to stick with it here and we’ll keep going. But we’d all love to win.”

The Bottom Line: Patience and Progress

Despite the pressure, Steve Yzerman remains committed to a balanced approach, combining efforts to make the playoffs with a long-term vision of building a sustainable and strong team. His candidness about the timeline reflects his realistic yet hopeful outlook for the Detroit Red Wings.

Yzerman’s plan is a meticulous blend of enhancing the team’s immediate performance and cultivating young talent for future success. This dual focus is essential for a franchise with a storied history and a fanbase eager for a return to glory. The pressure to win is palpable, but Yzerman’s methodical and transparent approach provides a foundation for optimism.

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