Red Wings GM Steve Yzerman explains team thought process with No. 6 overall pick

For the third time in the past four years, the Detroit Red Wings will have the 6th overall selection in the NHL Draft. And GM Steve Yzerman will once again have his work cut out for him as he and the organization decides who will be the next player who will be added to the rebuilding squad.

During an appearance on The Word on Woodward, TSN Insider Bob McKenzie described the draft positions of two through 10th as “very muddy” – as in the prospects projected to be selected with those picks are very close in talent, and that there’s really no definitive mock draft.

So what does Detroit’s GM think?

“I would agree with Bob, I think – again, us picking at 6, there’s several different directions we could go in,” Yzerman explained. “There are several players that we all feel are the same level of prospect. From different countries, different leagues, different positions, there’s a lot of different ways to go in, and I think every team will have that.

“We have our own scouting staff for a reason. We pay them, spend a lot of money out scouting and traveling. We really value our scouts option, and we take not of the these other mock drafts os to speak to give us and indication or make us double check to see that we’re sure in the order we have our players, maybe take a look. Maybe Bob McKenzie has a player rated way higher than we have him, or vice versa. Let’s make sure we’re certain, let’s go back and watch the players and we need to have it in the right order.”

– – Quotes via Daniella Bruce Link – –