Red Wings’ Gordie Howe ranked No. 1 NHL player of all-time according to writer

No matter what the sport may be, the discussion of which player is the greatest ever will never die. The great thing about it is that everyone has their own opinion and there is really not a right answer.

This is especially true when it comes to the National Hockey League. Some will say that Wayne Gretzky is the greatest, some will go with Bobby Orr or Mario Lemieux, and if you ask somebody from Hockeytown, you will probably get the answer of Gordie Howe.

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On Wednesday, USA Today writer Kevin Allen released his Top 100 players list and No. 1 will make Red Wings fans smile.

From USA Today:

The late Detroit Red Wings general manager Jack Adams liked to refer to Howe as the “Babe Ruth of hockey.”  Because of his movie-star handsomeness and chiseled physique, Howe was depicted as a Superman-like athlete in 1950s newsreels  Howe scored 801 goals in 26 NHL seasons, and 174 more in six NHL World Hockey Association seasons.

What separated Howe from Gretzky and Orr was an ability and willingness to physically dominate opponents. He was as ruthless as he was skilled.

Howe scored his last NHL goal, at age 52, during the 1979-80 season. Today, a player registering a goal, an assist and a fighting major penalty is said to have achieved a Gordie Howe Hat Trick.

What do you think, Nation? Is Howe No. 1?

To view the entire Top 100, click here.

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