Struggling Red Wings cause new threshold for Arby’s to make it rain curly fries

Who doesn’t like curly fries? I mean, they’re not all that different from regular fries. Still potato-y and everything. But there’s just something about their pigtail-shaped cousins that makes them more appealing. Detroit Red Wings fans could potentially be getting a lot of more them, if Arby’s new promotional threshold has anything to say about it.

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For over a decade now, Arby’s has offered the promotional free curly fries any time a Red Wings player scores a hat trick. All a fan needed to do was simply bring a copy of the game’s box score to an Arby’s location as proof, and they’d receive a free small curly fry. No purchase needed. (Some locations even just knew about the hat-trick and would simply need a patron to announce why they were there).

But with the struggles of the Red Wings, even dating back through last season, there’s been no free fries for anyone. So far this season, and even through the entirety of last season, no Red Wings player has scored a hat trick. Additionally, there were only three hat tricks scored in the preceding two seasons before that. That’s three free small curly fries in over four years! Outrageous.

In response, Arby’s announced that they’re changing their policy. Instead of one player needing three goals in a game, the Red Wings as a whole can make it rain curly fries by simply scoring three goals in a game as a team.

“We want to continue to reward fans and give them the best chance possible to get free Arby’s Curly Fries,” an Arby’s spokesperson told ESPN via email. “After last season, we realized there were too few occurrences of Hat Tricks, leaving fans hungry for more Curly Fries. This year, we hope to reward our die-hard Arby’s and Red Wings fans with a chance to savor our Curly Fries more often.”

That’s a huge difference. In contrast to the stats above, the Wings have already scored three goals in a game three times this year, and did it 39 times last season. Regardless of their struggles in the win column this season, Metro Detroit could be getting a lot more starchy.

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