Red Wings, Pistons, Tigers, and Lions don’t fare well in Top 124 rankings

When it comes to professional sports in Detroit, we have certainly seen better days with our Red Wings, Pistons, Tigers, and Lions. Personally, I have had the opportunity to watch the Red Wings, Pistons, and Tigers win a championship, but I am nowhere near old enough to remember the Lions winning it all in 1957. Happier times are ahead, but we still may have to wait a while for another title, at least according to Barstool Sports, who recently released their Top 124 rankings. That's right, they ranked each and every professional sports team from the NBA, NHL, NFL, and MLB against each other to see who is the best of the best and the worst of the worst.

Pistons Red Wings Tigers Lions

Where do the Red Wings, Pistons, Tigers, and Lions rank in the Top 124?

When it comes to our local teams, as you can probably imagine, it is not a pretty sight.

Here are the Top 50 rankings via Barstool Sports: (No, you will not find any of our Detroit teams ranked this high)

1. Golden State Warriors 

2. Tampa Bay Lightning

3. Kansas City Chiefs

4. Houston Astros

5. Los Angeles Dodgers

6. Atlanta Braves

7. Los Angeles Rams

8. Colorado Avalanche

9. Milwaukee Bucks

10. Buffalo Bills

11. Philadelphia Eagles

12. Boston Celtics

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

14. Carolina Hurricanes

15. Miami Heat

16. Cincinnati Bengals

17. Phoenix Suns

18. New York Rangers

19. Green Bay Packers

20. Philadelphia Phillies

21. Baltimore Ravens

22. Boston Bruins

23. San Francisco 49ers

24. Edmonton Oilers

25. Philadelphia 76ers

26. New England Patriots

27. New York Yankees

28. Tampa Bay Rays

29. St. Louis Blues

30. Pittsburgh Penguins

31. Memphis Grizzlies

32. Minnesota Vikings

33. Boston Red Sox

34. Vegas Golden Knights

35. Toronto Raptors

36. Dallas Cowboys

37. San Francisco Giants

38. Calgary Flames

39. Nashville Predators

40. Los Angeles Clippers

41. Brooklyn Nets

42. Cleveland Guardians

43. Denver Nuggets

44. San Diego Padres

45. Cleveland Cavaliers

46. Minnesota Wild

47. Florida Panthers

48. Milwaukee Brewers

49. Washington Capitals

50. Los Angeles Lakers

Here is where our Detroit franchises rank within the Top 124.

107. Detroit Pistons

110. Detroit Tigers

119. Detroit Red Wings

122. Detroit Lions

In case you were wondering, the only teams ranked behind the Detroit Lions are the Arizona Coyotes and the Sacramento Kings.

123. Arizona Coyotes

124. Sacramento Kings