Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer takes to Twitter, bashes MLB over decision at Comerica Park

On Saturday, the Cincinnati Reds were scheduled to take on the Detroit Tigers at 1:10 p.m. at Comerica Park in Detroit.

Just minutes before the game, it was announced that the game was being postponed due to rain.

Following the announcement, Reds starting pitcher Trevor Bauer was not happy at all and he took to Twitter to bash Major League Baseball for postponing the game 8 minutes before the first pitch.

“Postpone the game before starters start throwing or play through it. You can’t postpone a game 8 minutes before it’s supposed to start. Just because it’s a shortened season doesn’t mean you can change all the rules all of a sudden. Figure it the f*** out. First you move the damn game up 5 hours the day before. Then you let starters get hot for the game and then delay it 8 minutes before game time. Never in my ten year career have I seen something so amateur. Not in the minor leagues. Not in the big leagues. Never saw it even in college. @MLB So you can read the radar 24 hours in advance to know you need to move the game up 5 hours the next day but you can’t read it 30 minutes in advance to know there’s a massive cell coming and you need to delay it before the starters throw for the day? #AmateurHour

Nation, does Bauer have a legit reason to be upset?