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Who remembers Detroit’s Big Time Wrestling?



These days World Wrestling Entertainment has made a stop in Detroit in order to prepare us for the most important event of the year for the federation, Wrestlemania. However, in this city wrestling used to be a weekly feature thanks to the presence of Big Time Wrestling and we are ready to bet, perhaps with a promo from Unibet, that many of those who are reading this article still remember it.

Its history began in 1945 and ended in 1980: Big Time Wrestling was also known as NWA Detroit as it was part of the National Wrestling Alliance circuit. From 1953 until the closing year the BTW also had its own belts, the Detroit version of the NWA United States Heavyweight Championship, while its own version of the NWA World Tag Team Championship debuted in 1965.

The federation’s most successful moment was in 1964 when professional wrestler Ed “The Sheik” Farhat (incidentally, he was the present wrestler Sabu’s uncle with whom he also fought together) bought Big Time Wrestling with his father-in-law Francis Fleser. Although he was basically at the top of the Federation for about ten years and won the champion title 12 times, Farhat made an important leap forward for the federation by offering weekly house shows at the historic Cobo Arena that was then retransmitted on TV by three different channels.

Big Time Wrestling in the first half of the 70s was also the place where hardcore wrestling was born as it is still understood today. For those who do not know, hardcore is an extreme and very violent style of wrestling in which, during the course of combat, participants are allowed to use any weapon or blunt object that normally would be forbidden. In practice, in hardcore wrestling canonical rules about disqualification, count-out etc. do not apply at all.

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The territory of Detroit was therefore dominated by “disturbing” characters such as The Sheik himself and the legendary Abdullah the Butcher, a true icon of hardcore wrestling. Bloody fights were frequent even if the wounds were often self-inflicted by the wrestlers who cut themselves with razor blades to simulate serious injuries and bleed profusely, giving the idea of a furious clash. In Big Time Wrestling Terry Funk was also the protagonist of some matches, becoming another superstar symbol of hardcore wrestling especially in the last years of his career during the 90s when he was a militant in the ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling).

The fortunes of the promotion began to decline already in the mid-70s for many reasons including the economic recession between 1973 and 1975 and the inability of the promoters to renew the formula of the shows. With the audience declining, events were first moved to the Michigan State Fairgrounds Coliseum, and then back to the Lincoln Center Community Center outside Detroit. In 1980, the promotion closed and was liquidated.

In addition to the names already mentioned, among the students of Big Time Wrestling, over the decades we must remember other big names in show business including Bobo Brazil, Dick the Bruiser, Dory Funk Jr., Killer Kowalski, Dusty Rhodes and Fritz Von Erich.

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BREAKING: Ohio State quarterback to enter transfer portal



According to reports, Ohio State quarterback Matt Baldwin will enter the transfer portal.

With Baldwin transferring, the starting QB gig at Ohio State almost certainly belongs to Justin Fields, though he was a heavy favorite to win the job regardless.



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SHOCKER! Steve Yzerman’s Lightning swept in Round 1 by Columbus




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Of course, headlines were made before this season began when Lightning GM Steve Yzerman announced he’d be stepping down from that role in the final year of his contract and serve as an advisor. Speculation immediately ran rampant that it was a hint that he’d be returning home to the Detroit Red Wings.


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Which wrestlers moved to Raw in WWE’s Superstar Shakeup?



WWE’s annual Superstar Shakeup is among us, and some significant changes have already been made to the wrestling landscape. After three hours of Raw, several SmackDown members moved over to the red brand. But they weren’t the only ones affected. Some NXT call-ups were made, and 205 Live was in the mix too. We’ll break down all the big moves and what it could mean for the future of WWE.

Superstars headed to Raw

The Miz

Once again, the Miz has switched brands during the shakeup coming to Raw from SmackDown Live! He’s now changed brands during all three Superstar Shakeups. Over the years, the Miz has strived for success regardless of the role he’s given. Expect the Miz to be a featured weekly on Raw and for MizTV to move to the red brand too. Miz will be the continuing his first major babyface run in the company, so the constant brand switching isn’t overdone. Everyone he was unable to feud with as a heel is fair game now that he’s a face. Don’t be surprised if the Miz wins the Universal Championship over the next year.

Viking Experience

The Viking Experience was known as the NXT champion War Raiders. Despite leaping the main roster, it appears the Viking Experience still have their belts. Along with the new tag team name, they received new character names. Instead of being Hanson and Rowe, they are now known as Ivar and Erik. The internet almost exploded with this news, and not in a good way. Even with a goofy name, the Viking Experience has a high upside in a relatively weak tag team division. Hopefully, they don’t wallow and become the next Authors of Pain on the main roster.

Cedric Alexander

Cedric Alexander is the first wrestler to move from 205 Live via the superstar shakeup. Based on the number of four-star matches we’ve rated involving him, Alexander has a high upside. It will be nice to see him have the opportunity to face Raw superstars, like Seth Rollins and Sami Zayn. 205 Live has been jokingly referred to as wrestling purgatory. If Alexander does well, it’s possible Vince McMahon will be more open to smaller guys joining the main roster.

Andrade and Zelina Vega

Andrade is one of the best wrestlers in all of WWE. His move from SmackDown to Raw creates so many new matchups, including Finn Balor who he faced tonight. The WWE was smart to keep the dynamic duo of Andrade and Zelina Vega together. His English isn’t the best, but Vega is a fiery mouthpiece that can supplement and translate his passionate promos. If he’s allowed to move to the upper tiers of Raw, Andrade can be the biggest Hispanic superstars in all of professional wrestling.

Rey Mysterio

Speaking of Hispanic superstars, Rey Mysterio also moved to Raw from SmackDown during the shakeup. Many fans feel like Mysterio’s real home is SmackDown live. Unfortunately for them, he will have to make do with Raw for the next year. At least fans will likely get to see more great matches between Mysterio and Andrade. At this point in Mysterio’s career, he’s here to get younger talent over with the fans. Fans should appreciate everything Mysterio still does in the ring. It’s unbelievable that he can still keep up after decades of work.

The Usos

The Usos joining Raw was perhaps the most obvious move made during the shakeup. After losing the SmackDown tag titles last week, many assumed the brand switch was imminent. Raw has lacked tag team depth for over a year, and the Usos are in the discussion for the best tag team in the world. So, the Usos should really help that depth issue Raw has been having. Hopefully, the Revival stay on Raw, and an Usos-Revival feud can play out.


Naomi will be joining her husband, Jimmy Uso. This seems like a nice move on the WWE’s part. Naomi has been on SmackDown live for the past two years. So this should be a good change-up for Naomi, who has faced everyone SmackDown Live has to offer.

The interesting thing about Naomi was her placement on the show. Amid reports that Sasha Banks is unhappy with WWE and threatening to leave the company, Naomi filled in as Bayley’s tag partner. The replacement isn’t final by any means, but it’s still unclear if and when Banks will be back.

Lacey Evans

After months of going back and forth on Raw and SmackDown Live, Lacey Evans is officially on Raw. Her gimmick of walking down the ramp at random moments and then walking backstage was paid off after WrestleMania when she attacked Becky Lynch. WWE sees a high upside in Evans, but many fans are already sour on her. If she can keep improving in the ring, maybe she can live up to their expectations. But then again, isn’t that what NXT is for?

Eric Young

Eric Young was the leader of Sanity. The group got called up last year and got minimal time on SmackDown Live. With them doing nothing, it was probably time to remove one member from the group. Young is the most likely to succeed on his own at this point. So, the WWE likely made the right choice to move Young from the group, instead of splitting up Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe.

“The house that AJ Styles built” is going to have a new owner because Styles is now on Monday Night Raw. Over the past couple years, Styles has done everything imaginable on SmackDown, including a year-long championship reign. Raw will hold a lot of new challenges for Styles, especially when it comes to fresh opponents. Some possible new dream programs are with Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, and Braun Strowman. Fans have been wanting a feud between Styles and Rollins for a long time. A potential WrestleMania 36 match between the two in-ring generals would get fans excited.

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