REPORT: Detroit Lions cut C.J. Anderson while he was at charity event

If you follow the NFL rosters closely, you realize that players are signed and cut every single day.

On Tuesday, that's exactly what happened to veteran RB C.J. Anderson, who was cut by the Detroit Lions after they signed free agent RB Paul Perkins.

Though it was a bit of a surprise to hear the news that Anderson had been cut, it was not exactly shocking. After all, this is the NFL and these types of cuts happen regularly.

On Wednesday, Pat Forde of Yahoo! Sports put out a piece reporting that Anderson was at a charity event for kids when the Lions called to tell him his services were no longer needed.

From Yahoo! Sports:

We had just done a 30-minute presentation at the Aspen Institute’s Project Play Summit here, a workshop designed to improve youth sports and encourage children to continue participating in them.

The Detroit Lions running back had shared his remarkable personal story, which involved growing up in Vallejo, California, and never knowing his father; having a live-in uncle who sold drugs, which led to four police raids of their home; the strength of his mother and grandmother keeping C.J. and his two brothers from going the wrong way; the vital impact on his life from several youth league coaches; the ambitious Dreams Never Die Foundation he has started to help at-risk youth in the Bay Area.

It was an inspiring talk from the 28-year-old, who played a vital role for the 2015 Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos. He spent a good portion of his one day off per week to be here for the seminar, with his younger brother and girlfriend and 5-month-old baby daughter in tow. There was just one commitment left to complete, a quick video message for the Aspen Institute as part of its “Don’t Retire, Kid” message.

That’s when the phone rang.

Forde went on to explain that the phone call was from the Detroit Lions, notifying Anderson that he had been cut.

We understand the NFL is a cu business