Report: Detroit Lions monitor their players on social media

As with any professional sports team, there are always at least a few guys who are outspoken on social media.

For the Detroit Lions, Darius Slay and Damon ‘Snacks’ Harrison immediately come to mind as players who are not afraid to speak their mind on platforms like Twitter.

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But have you ever wondered if the teams actually monitor their players’ activity on social media?

Well, according to Justin Rogers of the Detroit News, the Lions do monitor their player’s social media adventures.

As part of Rogers’ most recent ‘mailbag’ piece (he must not be getting much mail), he was asked, “do you think Bob Quinn has a burner account on Twitter to monitor what players say/do?”

Rogers’ response included that the Lions do monitor their players’ social media accounts.

“I’m not sure if Quinn is on Twitter, but the Lions definitely have eyes on anything/everything that’s posted on that and other social media sites by players and media members,” Rogers replied.

Imagine being assigned that job!