Report: Detroit Lions to sign CB Craig James

Report: Detroit Lions to sign cornerback prior to Week 16 matchup vs. Vikings.

Report: Detroit Lions to sign CB Craig James

In a strategic move to add depth to their secondary, the Detroit Lions are reportedly signing cornerback Craig James to their practice squad. NFL insider Aaron Wilson revealed this development, though the Lions have yet to officially confirm it. For the Lions to officially sign James, they will have to release a player from their practice squad. Expect that move to formally be announced later today.

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Who is Craig James?

Craig James, an undrafted talent from 2018, has demonstrated resilience and skill in his NFL journey. Initially part of the Minnesota Vikings' practice squad, he made a mark with his late-season appearances, mainly on special teams. His career took a pivotal turn when the Philadelphia Eagles picked him up, providing him an opportunity to work under Dave Fipp, who is now with the Lions. During his three-season tenure with the Eagles, James played in 18 games, including one start, and became a crucial special teamer, especially in 2019 under Fipp's mentorship.


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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Detroit Lions sign cornerback Craig James to their practice squad.
  2. James has NFL experience with the Vikings and Eagles, notably under current Lions' special teams coach.
  3. His addition requires a corresponding move due to the full capacity of the practice squad.
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The Bottom Line – Depth Move

The signing of Craig James by the Detroit Lions represents a well-thought-out strategy aimed at adding depth to their secondary. James's experience, coupled with his established rapport with Lions special teams coach Dave Fipp, sets the stage for a potentially impactful addition to the team. With that being said, barring an injury, it will be tough for James to crack the game-day lineup.