Report: Detroit Pistons called Washington Wizards about Blake Griffin/John Wall trade

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If you have been following our Detroit Pistons coverage over the past week, you know exactly what kind of whirlwind it was.

Pistons new GM Troy Weaver not only wheeled and dealed throughout the 2021 NBA Draft but he followed that up by being extremely active as soon as the free agency period kicked off.

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But one thing is certainly news to us is that the Pistons reportedly called the Washington Wizards hoping to trade Blake Griffin for John Wall.

That little tidbit of information is via ESPN writer John Lowe, who dropped that knowledge in a piece published Wednesday morning.

The Pistons in recent weeks made an exploratory call to the Washington Wizards about a potential swap of Griffin for John Wall, sources said, but Detroit’s real level of interest in that deal is unclear; they value Griffin, and the conversation led nowhere, sources said. Tommy Sheppard, Washington’s GM, said this week he has no plans to trade Wall. The extra year on Wall’s deal suggests Detroit probably would ask for draft assets in any such swap.

Nation, would you have liked it if Troy Weaver managed to pull off this deal?