REPORT: Detroit Tigers’ DH Miguel Cabrera mocks teammate during post game interview

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According to former Detroit News writer Lynn Henning, the Detroit Tigers have a “growing problem” with Miguel Cabrera and it may have hit a low point following Thursday’s loss to the Washington Nationals.

Henning reported on Twitter that Tigers infielder Gordon Beckham was doing an interview with Craig Monroe following the loss while Cabrera “loudly mocked his words.”

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Via Lynn Henning’s Twitter feed:

Tigers have a growing problem with Miguel Cabrera, as evidenced by a bad scene following Thursday’s game at Comerica Park. Gordon Beckham was doing an interview with Craig Monroe. Beckham was saying what might have been expected in the wake of another defeat.

That the team had to compete, stay focused, play hard, etc. Cabrera loudly mocked his words, according to those who were there — during the interview. It was ugly stuff, making fun of a respected teammate for standing up and answering post-game questions. It was ridicule.

This points to an ongoing issue: that Cabrera off the field has become every bit the liability he has become on it. This is mutinous stuff, an insult to teammates. And it comes from a guy who is being paid $30-million to function as a low-wattage singles hitter.

He is so out of shape that he can’t get his hands around his belly and is now getting punished by inside pitches. The team knows this very well. The team might also be ready to entertain, at the end of this year, notions about taking a $100-million-plus hit and saying goodbye

A year ago, before the biceps injury, and then at age 35, he still had every chance to be productive. But that isn’t close to the case this season. And, again, on a rebuilding team, do you want this kind of behavior, especially when matched with his non-performance?

The Tigers didn’t do this deal. Chris Ilitch didn’t approve this deal. Nor did Al Avila. It was a Mike Ilitch gesture all the way, magnanimous for sure, and Mike Ilitch’s way of saying thank you, as well as his wish that Cabrera not play elsewhere. It has since blown up.

Imagine what Gordon Beckham will report to others who might want to sign as FAs should they, next offseason, ask about the Tigers clubhouse? He’ll testify to the truth: that Cabrera is something they’ll have to overcome? And the Tigers are paying him exorbitantly for this?

If they’re rebuilding this team, which next year will finally begin to take on the appearance of reconstruction, they needn’t bother with Cabrera. Take the lump. Get on with the future. It isn’t going to benefit from the presence of Miguel Cabrera. Not as he today functions.