Report: Detroit Tigers teardown is complete, now the build-up begins

Let's go!

According to a report from Chris McCoskey of The Detroit News, the Detroit Tigers teardown is complete and the shift to build-up mode is upon us.

At the Major League Baseball Winter Meetings in San Diego, Tigers GM Al Avila revealed that the Tigers are now completed with the teardown portion of their rebuild and it is not time to start building up towards the future.

From The Detroit News:

“The mindset here is to move forward and build back up,” said Avila, after he finished the first day of activity at the Winter Meetings. “We’ve made a lot of trades. We’ve traded everyone we needed to trade and we’re at the point where this team is very young and we need to build it back up.”

Toward that end, Avila and his staff are looking to add a veteran catcher, first baseman, corner outfielder, starting pitcher and possibly a middle infielder before spring training begins in February.

“The biggest concern when you bring in veteran free agents is taking away time from your prospects,” he said. “But the situation here now is we can add free agents as needed and maybe create competition for young guys.”

“We are looking to make the team better for 2020,” Avila said. “This is what we’ve talked about. First day of spring training, let’s go. This is your time to step up. We’re in a situation now where we feel good about being able to build this back up in the next three years.

“Are you going to be part of this or is it going to be somebody else?”

Well, “build-up” mode is apparently here, but do you trust Al Avila to get the job done?