Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole: End Could Be Near for Calvin Johnson, Lions May Draft WR in 2015

In a recent video, Bleacher Report NFL insider Jason Cole suggested the Detroit Lions may be positioning themselves to move on from wide receiver Calvin Johnson after the 2015 season.

According to Cole’s inside sources, there has been much concern within the organization surrounding Johnson’s myriad leg injuries. His recent litany of health issues, alongside his age (he turns 30 next year) has led Cole to believe the Lions are working toward two possible scenarios:

1. Encourage Johnson to take a pay-cut (which Cole asserts is unlikely)

2. Re-structure Johnson’s contract as a means of lowering Detroit’s cap number.

Either way, Cole believes time may be ticking for Johnson in Motown.

“By 2016, you can expect that Calvin Johnson will no longer be a Detroit Lion,” said Cole. “This team will transition away from him. [They will] probably draft one of the top receivers in this year’s NFL draft, such as Amari Cooper from Alabama. But the end is near for Calvin Johnson in Detroit.”

NBC Sports’ own Mike Florio offered a more detailed breakdown of the Lions’ potential cap dilemma:

Crazy as it seems, Johnson carries a cap number of $20.558 million into the next league year.  While a restructuring that converts, for example, $10 million of his $12.5 million salary into a signing bonus could cut the cap number down to $12.558 million, the maneuver would drive his 2016 cap number of $24 million up to $26 million.

At some point, Johnson may have to take less money in order to stick around.  If he doesn’t want to do that, the Lions may have to part ways with him.

Johnson’s health will be a major factor in the final analysis. While he has missed only seven games in seven-plus seasons, Johnson lately seems to be always injured, always either missing practice or limited.  And always questionable to play.  Currently, he’s dealing with a chronic ankle injury that may cause him to miss a game or two.

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  1. If the Lions draft a WR in the first round of *this* year’s draft, there will be riots. Not really, but COME ON already! To be frank, the 2016 offseason could be a great time to part ways with Megatron. He’s already breaking down. He’s HUGE. He’s fast. He’s great. Big WRs break down quickly (see David Boston), and he’d probably have a big season or two with whichever team picks him up for max money. Then he’ll be a cap issue.

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