Report: Former Detroit Lions’ players to send letter to Sheila Ford Hamp with GM recommendation

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It may have taken two years too long, but most believe the Detroit Lions will finally move on from head coach Matt Patricia, whether it be now or when the season is over.

But what about Bob Quinn?

As I have written, I believe that Quinn has been even more of a disaster than Patricia has been and the Lions absolutely must fire him as soon as possible. The question is, who should replace him?

Well, according to former Detroit News writer and 97.1 The Ticket host Terry Foster, former Detroit Lions players are putting together a letter they will then send to owner Sheila Ford Hamp. The letter, according to Foster, will include a recommendation for who the Lions should hire as their next general manager.

That recommendation will be Larry Lee.

From Terry Foster:

This week former Lion players will ask the Lions to promote one of their own to the front office in a letter to owner Sheila Ford Hamp. The main target is former Lions offensive lineman Larry Lee who worked in the Lions front office for nine years and is now a member of the Fritz Pollard Alliance, an organization that looks to bridge the racial divide in coaching and front office positions in the NFL.

“We want somebody who wore the colors and has the passion,” said former player Allen Hughes.

They want Lee as General Manager or to be in an advisory role for the troubled franchise as it tries to figure out its next step during another troubling season. The public has demanded that the Lions erase the Patriot way and fire coach Matt Patricia and GM Bob Quinn.

In his article, Foster also mentions that former Detroit Lions LB Chris Spielman and CB Bruce McNorton may also be recommended by former players.

Former players may also push for former linebacker Chris Spielman mostly because of his competitive nature and link with brother Rick Spielman, who has served the last eight years as the Minnesota Vikings general manager.

A third alumni candidate that makes more sense is former cornerback Bruce McNorton, who has worked the last two decades as a college scout with the Pittsburgh Steelers under GM Kevin Colbert. McNorton sits in on meetings with Colbert and knows the Steelers system. He remains connected with Detroit and wants to see the Lions succeed. The franchise has made three Super Bowls and won two under Colbert.

Nation, what do you think?



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