REPORT: Former Detroit Pistons’ Bad Boy Dennis Rodman involved in heist [VIDEO]

Rodman denies being part of a clothing heist

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman could be in some hot water as he has been accused by a California Yoga studio of being part of a group who stole over $3,500 worth of merchandise, including a giant crystal, which was actually dropped and shattered.

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From the Los Angeles Times:

“Ali Shah, who with his wife, Ariana, owns Vibes Hot Yoga at 100 W. Coast Hwy., said he watched the events unfold on live security video.

Shah said a man whom he identified as Rodman walked into the shop with a former Vibes employee and another man and woman just before the shop was scheduled to close at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday.

“It’s clear as daylight,” Shah said of the security footage.”

The report comes from TMZ, who obtained a video of the incident. In the video, Rodman can be seen talking to an employee of the studio while a couple of women who were with the former NBA Defensive Player of the Year shoved clothing into their purses.

Rodman has told TMZ that the owner told him he could take some merchandise for helping to move the 400 lb crystal.

From Detroit Free Press:

“As the good person that I am, I said, ‘OK, guys, let’s go over here and do one thing.’ And they call it a heist,” Rodman said. “They call it a heist, because guess what? That (expletive) company, I guess you call it yoga or something? They’re broke. … I don’t need to steal (expletive).”

According to the Los Angeles Times, there is an ongoing investigation but there have not been any arrests.


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