REPORT: Former Detroit Red Wing Pavel Datsyuk not ruling out return to NHL

In 953 regular season games with the Detroit Red Wings, center Pavel Datsyuk scored 314 goals and dished out 604 assists.

But those numbers could go up.

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According to a report, Datsyuk’s agent, Dan Milstein, claims the former Red Wing is not ruling out a return to the NHL.

In an interview with Match TV in Russia, Milstein talked about how Datsyuk, who is only under contract with the KHL until the end of this season, is not yet ready to stop playing the game he loves.

“I can tell you Pavel is not ready to quit hockey in next few years,” his agent, Dan Milstein, told Match TV in Russia. “So again, it’s up to him, going to America or playing in the KHL.”

“Pavel is getting slower with age, but his skill and vision are still there,” Milstein said. “People would go to the stadium to see him. I think it’d be lovely and appropriate for him to return to North America. But again, he will make a decision.

“He would be a center (on the) second or third line, or wing on the first or second line and play on the first power play.”

“He will have a lot of options if he decides to return to the NHL,” Milstein said. “But it’d be appropriate to return to Detroit where he spent all his North American career. Though it’s up to Datsyuk. Will he want to make this comeback?”

Nation, would you like to see the great Pavel Datsyuk make a return to the Detroit Red Wings?


Kerryon Johnson is fired up about Detroit Lions’ new OC Darrell Bevell

On Wednesday, the Detroit Lions shocked just about everybody by announcing that Darrell Bevell would be their next offensive coordinator. Bevell’s name was rarely (if at all) mentioned as a potential candidate by the so-called “experts” and it was fun to watch the comments on social media flow in about whether or not it was the right hire.

One person excited about the hire is Lions’ running back Kerryon Johnson. Johnson spoke to Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press about his anticipation of playing for Bevell, a coach who has worked with running backs like Adrian Peterson and Marshawn Lynch.

“Hopefully he can see a shade of me in those guys and hopefully that (means he’s) giving me the ball,” Johnson said Thursday. “That’s what every running back wants. But like I said, he’s dealt with a lot of talent, he’s won a lot of games, he’s dealt with a lot of talented players at every position and we want to win, I’m sure he wants to win, and we can get it done together.”

By most accounts, Bevell is a run-first offensive coordinator and that has Johnson hoping it means more touches for him.

Tyler Bertuzzi's future with the Detroit Red Wings is uncertain

“Obviously with my position, that makes me excited and I hope that is the direction we try to go in,” Johnson said. “But regardless of the direction I want us to go in, it’s about the team and how we win games. So if he wants to bring that and that’s where we go with it, that’s where we go with it. If not, if he sees our team go in a different direction and that’s what we do, as long as we win, I’m fine.”

Johnson, who missed the end of his rookie season with a sprained knee said he is healed up and ready to roll.

“Little bit too late, but it’s nice to be able to bounce back,” he said. “It doesn’t always happen with injuries, knee injuries to be specific, but I’m good now and that’s all that matters.”

During his rookie campaign, Johnson showed flashes of greatness as he rushed for 641 yards (5.4 per attempt) and three touchdowns while adding 213 yards and another touchdown receiving.

If Kerryon can stay healthy, you can bet your bottom dollar that those stats will improve greatly in 2019.


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