Report: Former Lions K Jason Hanson offers to come out of retirement

According to a report by Click on Detroit’s Rob Parker, former Lions kicker Jason Hanson reached out to the team and offered to come out of retirement, amid Detroit’s kicking woes this season.

The report states that Lions GM Martin Mayhew told the 44-year old Hanson thanks, but no thanks. Saying that he was worried Hanson would get hurt. Mayhew wouldn’t comment on the subject when asked about it on Thursday.

The Lions are on their 3rd kicker this season, after Alex Henery and Nate Freese were released. They signed Matt Prater on Tuesday after he was released from the Denver Broncos.

If the report is correct and it’s true that the Lions denied Hanson even a chance to come back, it’s pretty embarrassing. Let’s be real, Matt Prater is probably a better kicker now. But Hanson was clearly putting himself out there and willing to do whatever he could to help the team. This town loves Hanson and the Lions should have had a little more respect for him than telling him no because he’d get hurt. Just be honest and admit that you just signed a new kicker, and you’d keep it touch! Not really that hard.

Would you like to have seen Hanson play for the Lions this season?


12 thoughts on “Report: Former Lions K Jason Hanson offers to come out of retirement”

  1. Absoultly they should bring Hanson back!! Even at 44 he’s better than most all kickers in the league…not to mention all he’s already done for the team over the years!!

  2. At 60 Hanson could still kick and not miss. Lions stupid for not taking him up on it. Then they could of started looking for a good kicker because they clearly have only been looking at no kickers.

  3. I love Jason Hanson and thank him profusely for all he did for the Lions, but there’s no way he would be better than Prater is at this point, given the age differential, and the injury problems Hanson would likely have at his age.

  4. Highest Lions scorer OF ALL TIME. “Yeah.. Thanks but.. we don’t want you to get hurt.” I am done with these idiots.

  5. Wtf were they thinking?! They must love losing! Come on lions get it together! One of your best kickers offered to come out of retirement and you said NO?! SMH

  6. I love Hanson just like the rest of the people in here but IF they signed him and he got hurt then what? Then we are looking for kicker #4, we may have missed out on Prater and now we injured a Lion’s Legend in the process. I agree with them turning him down so he doesn’t get hurt. They should hire him as their kicking coach and let him work with Prater daily. That could be scary.

  7. Damn right they should bring him back. But then again, have the Lions done anything right in regards to field goal kickers lately????

  8. George Blanda kicked at 48. Some will say it’s a different game and era. Tell that to Dick Butkis, the Purple People Eaters, or the Steel Curtain. Yes they should bring him back if he wants to kick!

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