Report: Ian Kinsler set to discuss future with Al Avila

The Detroit Tigers are officially entering a rebuild after struggling for much of the 2017 season, having traded away the likes of J.D. Martinez, Justin Wilson, Alex Avila, and Justin Verlander.

Now, another member of the Tigers is set to discuss his future with the team.

According to Fox Sports’ John Morosi, Ian Kinsler will be meeting with General Manager Al Avila to discuss his future in a Tigers uniform, and that it will largely depend on the team’s offseason strategy.

Kinsler was acquired by the Tigers in 2013 from the Texas Rangers in exchange for Prince Fielder. Currently this year, Kinsler is batting .236 with 19 home runs and 46 RBI.

He does have a partial notrade clause that allows him to block trades to a list of 10 teams submitted before the season. He’s owed $12 million by the Tigers next season on a team option in the final year of his deal, and it would cost the team $5 million to buy out. 

When asked earlier this month how he’d feel about playing on a rebuilding team, he responded that he’d have no issues being a part of it.

“How do I feel about it? I’m here for a month.I don’t know what’s going to happen beyond this. I’m fine with it, “he said. “I have no problem being part of a rebuilding team if that’s what the Tigers wish. I don’t know what they wish. I don’t know if they want me a part of it or if they don’t want me a part of it right now. If they do want me a part of it, then I’m fine with that.”

“I have no problem trying to pass my experience along as best I can to the other players and help any way I can and see where that goes,” he continued. “I don’t know what their plans are. That’s probably a better question for management than myself.”

“I think this last month, I kind of want to prove to myself that I can continue to play baseball at a high level.” 

Written by Michael Whitaker

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