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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Report: NFL general managers to run mock draft

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Report: NFL general managers to run mock draft

As you have probably heard, the 2020 NFL Mock Draft will still begin on April 23rd but things are going to be much different than we are used to seeing on a yearly basis. That is because the draft will be held virtually as NFL GMs, coaches, and team personnel will be required to stay in their own homes during the draft.

Ever since the announcement of a virtual draft was made by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, there have been reports of coaches and GMs being concerned about being hacked during the draft.

According to Tom Pellissero, the NFL is doing everything they can to avoid hiccups during the live show, including running a “mock draft” once the technology is installed in each GM’s basement.

$10 says Bob Quinn takes a tight end in the mock draft.

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