REPORT: NFL team plans on offering Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh an offer he can’t refuse

Here we go again.

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A couple of weeks ago, Ohio State alum Cris Carter claimed he had good sources that told him Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh could be interested in leaving the Wolverines to return to the NFL.

From ESPN:

Less than a week later, Harbaugh told ESPN’s Adam Schefter he was staying at Michigan and the rumors were “choreographed.”

“This is a choreographed message that comes up at this time every year before signing day,” Harbaugh told Schefter. “It’s people spreading messages to further their own personal agenda. But I’m on record right here, right now: I’m not going anywhere. I’m staying at Michigan. We have big plans here, and there’s a lot we want to accomplish.” 

Now a new rumor has surfaced as Chris Simms recently said on Pro Football Talk Live that one NFL team is ready to make Harbaugh an offer he cannot refuse to lure him away from Michigan.

From Pro Football Talk:

Per a league source, at least one team plans to make a run at Jim Harbaugh after the NFL season ends. Whether he’ll bite remains to be seen, but the team in question is prepared to put the kind of money on the table that will get Harbaugh’s attention.

Chris Simms recently suggested on PFT Live that one team is indeed waiting for a chance to interview Jim Harbaugh. Simms wouldn’t name the team, and I’ve yet to be able to track down the team’s identity. But there’s at least one team that will try to get Jim Harbaugh to come back to the NFL after four years at his alma mater.


Let’s keep this simple. Jim Harbaugh loves what he is doing and he is determined to succeed at Michigan. There is no way he is leaving anytime soon, even if an NFL team offers him the world.

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