Report reveals Matthew Stafford was option No. 2 for Los Angeles Rams

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As we all know, the Detroit Lions will have a new starting quarterback under center in 2021 as Matthew Stafford has been traded to the Los Angeles Rams.

But what we did not know, until today, is that Stafford was option No. 2 for the Rams.

On Thursday, Adam Schefter not only dropped a bombshell that Aaron Rodgers wants out of Green Bay but he also revealed that the Rams tried to trade for Rodgers before trading the Lions for Stafford.

From Adam Schefter:

The Packers are aware of his feelings, concerned about them and have had team president Mark Murphy, general manager Brian Gutekunst and head coach Matt LaFleur each fly out on separate trips to meet with Rodgers at various points this offseason, sources told ESPN.

“As we’ve stated since the season ended, we are committed to Aaron in 2021 and beyond,” Gutekunst told ESPN. “Aaron has been a vital part of our success and we look forward to competing for another championship with him leading our team.”

Rodgers has not budged this offseason, but neither have the Packers, who have made it known they are not interested in trading Rodgers anywhere.

The San Francisco 49ers called the Packers on Wednesday night, a source told ESPN, and the Los Angeles Ramsinquired about Rodgers in January before they traded for Matthew Stafford.


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  1. What waste. Head line Stafford was Rams #2 option ok first of all why does that matter secondly you sound as if he was number 2 option behind Tribisky or someone that Aaron Rodgers for Christ sake. Again not sure why we care he was the second option when Rodgers would be 1 on any team list


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