Report suggests Detroit Lions are ‘heading towards’ trading Matthew Stafford to Colts

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As I have mentioned time and time again, it is very important to take every report that comes out in the offseason with a grain of salt as different sources often pass along different information. That being said, since former NFL DT Dan Sileo nailed the news that the Detroit Lions were going to trade Matthew Stafford, we figured we would pass along his latest report.

According to Sileo, the Lions are heading towards trading Stafford to the Indianapolis Colts.

Sileo added that sources of his have indicated the trade would go down after the conclusion of Super Bowl LV between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs.

Sileo later added that this will basically come down to recruiting and that the San Francisco 49ers are also talking to the Lions about acquiring Stafford.

Nation, where do you believe Stafford will play in 2021?


Top 10 moments in Detroit sports history

Whether it was watching Kirk Gibson hit a 3-run home run in the 1984 World Series or living through the “Bad Boys” winning back-to-back World Championships, Detroit fans have been able to celebrate some great moments.

Here is a list counting down the top 10 moments in Detroit sports history. Which moments do you think deserve to be on this list?

*These rankings are limited to the four major sports teams from Detroit.

Barry Sanders rushes for 2,000 yards

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It’s no secret that over the years, the Detroit Lions have not given fans much to cheer about, especially when it comes to winning. That being said, Detroit fans were lucky enough to watch the greatest running back in NFL history, Barry Sanders, run the football up and down the field.

Though Sanders never had the chance to play in a Super Bowl, he did provide Detroit fans with one of the single greatest seasons in NFL history. In 1997, Sanders started off the season with a total of 53 rushing yards in his first two games, but following that it was classic Barry. In the next 14 games, Sanders rushed for over 100 yards in each game and finished the season with 2,053 total rushing yards.

It’s unfortunate the Lions could never put a great team around Barry. If anyone deserved to win a Super Bowl, it was him.

Magglio Ordonez hits home run to send Tigers to World Series

Personally, I have been a fan of the Detroit Tigers since 1985. Yep, that’s right, I became a fan the year AFTER they won the World Series! Ever since then the team had let me down time and time again, always coming up short of playing in a World Series.

On October 14, 2006, that all changed. It was the bottom of the ninth inning with two outs and runners on first and second when Magglio Ordonez hit a majestic three-run walk-off home run to left field to send the Detroit Tigers to their first World Series since 1984.