Report suggests Detroit Lions tried to trade Atlanta Falcons for No. 4 pick

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According to Detroit Lions GM Brad Holmes, he is ready to stay put, trade up, or trade down in the 2021 NFL Draft.

“At seven, we do have a cluster of players that we’re comfortable with picking,” Holmes told reporters on Monday. “At the same time, we will be very prepared and also willing to move in either direction. We’re still open in those regards. But, there are a cluster of players that we would be comfortable with.”

When Holmes made that comment, most did not believe that the Lions would actually consider moving up in the draft.

Well, according to a report from ESPN, the Lions tried to trade the Atlanta Falcons No. 4 overall pick so they could select WR Ja’Marr Chase.

Detroit could go any number of ways. The Lions have a depleted roster and need everything. We’ve been told not to rule them completely out of the quarterback mix at No. 7, depending on how things shake out with the 49ers, but QB is not their primary focus. They like Parsons or Phillips if they go defense (or especially if they trade down and go defense). They could go with Slater as a versatile offensive line piece. And many expect them to take a wide receiver. There was chatter early in the week that the Lions tried to trade up to No. 4 to get Chase, but the Falcons’ asking price was too high.

If this is true, I have lost a lot of hope in Brad Holmes!

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  1. We get it dude. You don’t want a wide receiver. Now stop forcing it down everyone’s throat that is writing off Holmes and Co. if they do go WR. I would rather a different direction too but let’s not kill them if they do decide to draft one of the top talents, at what also happens to be a position of need.


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