Report suggests NFL players are using fake vaccine cards

According to a report from Kalyn Kahler of Defector, fake vaccine cards are a real problem in the NFL.

Kahler is reporting that two agents told her that their players asked for help to get a fake vaccine card and another agent told her that a player said a “big name guy on his team has a fake card.”

From Defector:

Fake CDC cards, often ordered online, are big business and growing, and two NFL agents who work for different agencies told Defector that players they represent asked them for help getting a fake vaccine card. (Both agents declined to do so.) One of those agents said that his client asked him about getting a fake card because a teammate of his had used one. “He was like, ‘Oh well my teammate’s got this fake card. Should I just do that?’” the agent said. “I’m like no! Just get vaccinated!” 

This player was interested in getting a fake because he had just been placed on the COVID-19 reserve list for being a close contact. Two days after the conversation with his agent, the player got COVID himself.