Report: Tigers investigating Anthony Gose ‘no show’ to yesterday’s Mud Hens game

News broke yesterday about a dugout incident that occurred between outfielder, Anthony Gose of the Toledo Mud Hens and manager, Lloyd McClendon. The incident occurred during game one of Saturday’s double header between the Mud Hens and Louisville Bats. After McClendon reportedly gave the outfielder some ‘constructive criticism’, Gose didn’t take kindly to the comments and told his manager to “(bleep) off”. He was sent home by his manager soon after and didn’t play the rest of the first game, nor any of the second game of the double header. Gose’s locker was reportedly ’empty’ post game. Now there is more drama to the story. Apparently, Anthony Gose didn’t even show up the Mud Hens’ game on Sunday against the Bats. Nothing has yet to surface as to why he wasn’t present at the ballpark.

Anthony Gose’s days in the Detroit Tigers‘ organization could very well be numbered. Yes, he was sent home on Saturday for the comments made to McClendon, but not showing up to do your job is something that shouldn’t be tolerated. Don’t think we’ve heard the last of this situation, especially given that the Tigers are supposedly ‘investigating’ the situation at hand.

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