Report: WDFN AM 1130 sports radio is ending

According to a Facebook post from Mark Wilson, WDFN AM 1130 sports radio will come to an end on Monday.

I’ve been dealing with this all day but… what began on July 11, 1994 comes to an END… today.  WDFN AM 1130, the ORIGINAL sports talk radio station “THE FAN” in Detroit is no longer a sports station.  As of tomorrow, it will be part of iHeart Media’s flip of 15 properties to the “Black Information Network.”  Mostly in major markets, they will produce radio targeted to African American audiences.  No doubt a smart move at this time especially considering stations like WDFN were floundering big time.  But, I worked at DFN TWICE and so to me, this is a significant day.  All the great people that worked at WDFN, and the list is LONG, made that place a “thing” for many moons.  NOW?—  26 years… and OUT.

As noted by Wilson, WDFN started back in July of 1994 and it is a channel that many of us grew up listening to in order to get our local sports information.

Some of the on-air personalities to work for WDFN over the years include Mike Stone, Bob Wojnowski, Matt Shepard, Matt Dery, and Sean Baligian, and others.

From iHeart Media:

iHeartMedia is preparing to launch a new network on at least fifteen of its stations, all of which are currently stunting with speeches targeting African American audiences.

The stations come from a variety of formats including Sports, Conservative Talk, and Alternative Rock and all target markets with larger Black populations. The stations are promoting “Our Voices Will Be Heard” and an announcement to take place on Tuesday, June 30 at 12pm eastern.

Nation, what will you miss most about WDFN 1130?

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