Reporter says he was ‘verbally attacked’ by former Detroit Red Wings HC Mike Babcock

According to Andy Strickland, a rinkside reporter for Fox Sports Midwest, he was verbally attacked in 2007 by then Detroit Red Wings head coach, Mike Babcock.

Strickland alleges he was up against a wall while Babcock screamed and pointed in his face because of a story he had written.

Stickland’s tweet comes just a day after former Red Wing Chris Chelios called out Babcock for ‘verbally assaulting’ Johan Franzen.

Chris Chelios calls out Mike Babcock for ‘verbally assaulting’ former Detroit Red Wing

Franzen verified Chelios’ allegations against Babcock in an interview he did in Sweden, calling Babcock the “worst person” he has ever met.

Former Red Wing Johan Franzen: Mike Babcock is “the worst person I’ve ever met”



Written by Arnold Powell

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