Revamped Comerica Park Brings New Opportunities for Detroit Tigers in 2023

The Detroit Tigers are taking on the challenge of Comerica Park's long-standing reputation as a homer-stopper by cutting down its fences. Will the changes boost player performance and bring success to the team?

Will the Detroit Tigers finally get a break at Comerica Park? Maybe. With the dimension changes that were previously announced there will be a statistical impact on the offensive side of the ball.

Why it Matters:

In a bold move to boost player performance, the Detroit Tigers are cutting down the fences at Comerica Park. The long-standing reputation of the stadium, once referred to by Bobby Higginson as “Comerica National Park,” is being reconsidered.

  • The Center field fence has been brought in from 422 feet to 412 feet, while the left-field corner was relabeled from 345 feet to 342 feet (with no physical changes).
  • The fence height will now be seven feet all around, down from eight-and-a-half feet in center and right, and 13 feet in right-center.
  • Despite these changes, center field remains the second-deepest in baseball, with only 415 feet at Coors Field being deeper.

Comerica Park By the Numbers:

  • Over the last three full seasons, 54 non-homers would have cleared the new dimensions (an average of 17 per year).
  • Since 2015, there have been 24 balls projected to go 420 feet or more and became outs, 15 of them were at Comerica.
  • Comerica Park is the hardest park to homer in according to StatCast.
  • Comerica is the seventh hardest park to hit in as a batter overall.
  • Over the last three seasons, Comerica is the easiest park to triple in.
Comerica Park
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What They're Saying:

“We went from having the deepest ballpark to probably still the deepest ballpark in center field,” says pitcher Matt Manning. “It's still deep out there.” However, not everyone was a fan of the old Comerica Park, with former Tiger Nick Castellanos calling it “a joke,” and Robbie Grossman admitted, “I'd disliked hitting there.”

The Bottom Line:

Despite its reputation as the hardest park to hit a homer in over the last three seasons, players have long grumbled about the size of Comerica Park. The new dimensions may not be a drastic change, but they will make a noticeable difference for the Tigers.


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