Rick Spielman weighs in on Detroit Lions 2023 Draft

The 2023 NFL Draft concluded on Saturday and everybody has been giving their two cents on the Detroit Lions draft class. One of the latest to share his thoughts is former NFL GM Rick Spielman, who happens to be the brother of Chris Spielman of the Lions. Spielman revealed who he believes is the Lions “best pick” and “hidden gem” of the class.

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Key Points

  • Rick Spielman shared his thoughts on the Lions' 2023 Draft class, including his “best pick” and “hidden gem” of the class.
  • Spielman believes that TE Sam LaPorta was the Lions' best pick and may end up being the best tight end in his draft class, while DT Brodric Martin is the team's “hidden gem” due to his size, strength, and ability to solidify their run defense.
  • While everyone has their own opinions on the NFL Draft, Spielman's opinion as a former GM carries weight, and his selection of Martin as the Lions' “hidden gem” is noteworthy given that Martin was a lesser-known player prior to the draft.

Rick Spielman weighs in on Detroit Lions 2023 Draft

Spielman believes the Lions' “best pick” was TE Sam LaPorta, and their “hidden gem” is DT Brodric Martin.

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“I think Sam LaPorta may be the best tight end in this class when it's all said and done. Some people out there think he's a poor man's George Kittle. This is a tough, aggressive football player. He loves to block, but he needs to get a little stronger. Underrated pass-catcher and underrated as a weapon after the catch. LaPorta had a great combine, great Pro Day, so he ascended throughout the whole draft process. He didn't get a lot of passes, caught a lot on out routes since that's all Iowa's quarterback could throw there. I think LaPorta is going to be more than just an out route catcher, and I think he's going to get Jared Goff another weapon, replacing T.J. Hockenson in Detroit. 

“Brodric Martin is a giant of a man at 6-5, 337 pounds. When you watch him on tape, he cannot be moved at the point of attack. Martin has to get his pad level a little lower, but he's strong and athletic. He can separate and locate the ball. Martin isn't that much of a pass-rusher, more of a two-down nose tackle. When Martin gets an opportunity to play, defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn likes a lot of two-gap, nose tackles up there. He's definitely going to help solidify their run defense.” 

Bottom Line: Everybody has an opinion

Everybody certainly has an opinion when it comes to the NFL Draft, but it would seem that the opinion of a former NFL GM would hold a bit more water. It is not surprising at all to see Spielman say that Brodric Martin is the Lions' “hidden gem” as he is one of the players selected that not many had really heard of before.

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