Rico Beard implies potential ulterior motive in Brad Holmes trade of Matthew Stafford

No longer can former Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford‘s detractors say that he can’t win the big one.

Just over one year after his franchise-altering trade to Hollywood that saw Jared Goff and draft capital head back to the Motor City, he led the Los Angeles Rams to victory in Super Bowl LVI this past weekend in what many fans and commentators see as an indictment of the futility of Stafford’s former club.

Was there some funny business going on at the time of the trade? According to one Detroit sports radio host, it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

During today’s show on “The Valenti Show With Rico”, co-host Rico Beard stated that Lions GM Brad Holmes may have been throwing a bone to his former team. Of course, Holmes had previously served in the Rams organization in various executive roles before his arrival in Detroit in 2020.

“It looks bad, because Holmes left his former team and looked like he just handed them, ‘You take this, we’ll take this second-round pick from you,” Beard said. “It’s not a good look for Brad Holmes. Now, we’ve got to wait to see who that person is in the draft. But, yeah, they lost this trade. As of now, the Rams gave up a second-round pick and a first-round pick next year to win the Super Bowl.”

“Right now, it looks like Brad Holmes hooked his boys up.”

Does Beard have a point here, or is he just looking to stir up the pot?

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  1. So dumb. 2 first and a third and Goff, not a second. Yes, being 32, besides having a fifth year option it is basically an early second. Being that dumb isn’t a good look either.

  2. I guess we can say that all trades that have a clear winner or benefits both parties are funny business. Absolutely atrocious to think teams can try and piece together a winning ball club with the help of other organizations.

  3. Thought this was a dumb article, with no foundation at all. The trade was not for one or two picks, it was for a starting qb, TWO first round picks, and a third round pick. Get your facts straight Rico. Stafford asked for a trade and they accommodated his wish. It benefitted both teams as the Lions got needed draft capital for 3 years, a serviceable qb for now, and the Rams got the offensive piece they needed. Why this article ever went to print is beyond me.

  4. To imply that holmes motive was to throw a bone to the Los Angeles Rams is more than two far-fetched. The Detroit Lions with our new general manager Brad Holmes is in a total rebuilding stage. It is safe to say though you may not agree that we’ve got Jared Goff out of the deal as well. Jared Goff also took the Rams to a Superbowl. Matthew Stafford was not the final piece to the Rams Super Bowl championship. It was Von Miller. We had 12 years Stafford’s roller coaster up and down career. It was time for him to go. So let’s not tarnish Brad Holmes character as if his loyalty is more to the Los Angeles Rams over the Detroit Lions. Thanks, Bernard

Written by Michael Whitaker

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