Riley Greene makes ‘Jumpman’ catch as Tigers eliminate White Sox [Video]

If you have been following along with the Detroit Tigers this season, you are well aware of their struggles to win baseball games. But you are also aware that they have rookie OF Riley Greene, who continues to make highlight reel play after highlight reel play.

On Sunday, the Tigers took on the Chicago White Sox and Greene made a sweet ‘Jumpman' catch to take away a sure home run.

Check it out.

Riley Greene makes ‘Jumpman' catch as Tigers eliminate White Sox [Video]

When all was said and done, the Detroit Tigers won the game by a score of 4-1, sweeping the White Sox and eliminating them from the race for first place in the American League Central. Instead, the Cleveland Guardians have clinched the division.

“It was really windy,” Greene said. “It was swirling. One ball would take off and another wouldn't go as far. I was playing in the gap in right field but he hit it pretty high. I got a good jump and kind of knew where I was at. Once it hit the track I knew I'd have to get up there.

“I jumped, said a prayer and threw my glove up.”

Tigers pitcher Tyler Alexander threw his hands in the air when he saw Greene make the catch to rob the White Sox of what would have been two runs.

“Saved me two runs,” he said. “I throw a pitch that didn't go where I wanted it to and he hit it well. I was hopelessly looking up, watching him track it down. I knew he was going to jump at the wall but I wasn't sure if he caught it. I had to wait and then when he came up throwing, I was pretty happy.”

Nation, do you think Riley Greene will be a future star for the Detroit Tigers?


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