Robbie Grossman blames Comerica Park for his struggles

Through his first 53 games of the season, Detroit Tigers OF Robbie Grossman is batting just .209 with two home runs and 16 RBIs, and had this article been written just a few days ago, Grossman would have been batting under .200 with ZERO home runs.

This comes after a 2021 season where Grossman batted .239 with a career-high 23 home runs and 67 RBIs.

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Tigers OF Robbie Grossman blames Comerica Park for his struggles

Well, rather than blaming himself for his struggles, Robbie Grossman just became the latest player to blame the Tigers' home stadium, Comerica Park.

“I tried to make some adjustments because of the park we play in,” Grossman said Sunday, after hitting his second home run in as many days. “It didn't work for me. I had to go to back to who I was before.”

Grossman said that during the offseason, he tried to adjust his swing to hit more line drives and more balls in the gap but that has resulted in almost no power.

“I was trying to do some other things to become better,” Grossman said. “I realized I had to go back to who I was before.”

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“Even as a visiting player, I didn't like coming here,” Grossman said. “I just need to be me and continue to do what makes me a good player.”

Grossman is not the first Tigers player to complain about Comerica Park as former Tiger Nick Castellanos once did the exact same thing.

“It's pretty well documented,” Grossman said.

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“I just had to get mechanically right and get back to what I was doing last year,” said Grossman, hitting .209 in 53 games. “And not worrying about where I play. Just getting back to who I am.”

What is interesting is that Robbie Grossman has hit better at Comerica Park than he has on the road since coming to the Tigers.

From Detroit Free Press:

But in 2021, Grossman hit 12 of his career-high 23 home runs at Comerica Park, along with 14 of his 23 doubles and all three of his triples. He slugged .456 at home and .378 on the road.

Both of his home runs — and all 16 RBIs — in 2022 have occurred at Comerica Park, where he is slugging .318 in 32 games compared to .214 in 21 games at ballparks on the road.

Well, that is certainly interesting. Maybe Grossman's belief that Comerica Park is the reason why he only has two home runs is all in his head.

Nation, how do you feel about Robbie Grossman blaming Comerica Park for his abysmal season?

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  1. Had a career year last year and should not have tried to change anything. Having said that, this is a piece of ?article by a piece of ? journalist trying to start some ? with the emotionally triggered angry fan by stretching the end conclusion. Grossman’s not blaming the park.

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