Rod Wood gives update on potential Detroit Lions uniform change


The Detroit Lions are eligible to make a uniform change but according to team president Rod Wood, a change will not happen for the 2022 season.

That being said, Wood did say the team has begun exploring the possibility of a change for the 2023 season.


The Detroit Lions will be eligible to make changes to their uniforms following the 2021 season and team president Rod Wood said there has already been some discussion on that matter.

During Wood's press conference this week, he noted that a potential uniform change is something that is on his mind, specifically bringing up the Lions' current Color Rush uniforms.

From Lions Wire:

“Given some thoughts to that. You’re right, we’re coming up on the window of when we could make some changes,” Wood said on his Zoom session. “I haven’t really gone into the design phase yet, but that’s certainly something that once the window opens up, we’ll probably take a step back and look at the current roster that we have and the changes we want to make. Do we continue with the color rush, etc? It’s on my mind, but nothing official.”

Nation, what changes would you like to see for the Lions uniforms?