Rod Wood says Calvin Johnson retirement ceremony is coming

Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press recently did an interview with Detroit Lions team president Rod Wood, and Wood commented on the Calvin Johnson situation. Wood acknowledged that he is no longer “directly involved” with the situation, as he had “kind of handed it off” to Mike Disner. He also said that he and Johnson are “cordial” and that it is “possible” that a retirement ceremony could take place in 2023.

Calvin Johnson Rod Wood Detroit Lions

According to Wood, the relationship between Johnson and the Lions is trending in the right direction. Wood acknowledged that he is no longer “directly involved” with the situation.

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“Yeah, and I’m not, and he acknowledged, directly involved. I kind of handed it off to Mike (Disner). Maybe new face, new person. But I think Brian (Facchini)’s talked to his folks a little bit. We’re working on a couple things hopefully to get him not only closer to the team but even involved as an ambassador, maybe even a sponsor if we can ever get the CBD thing approved by the league, so things are progressing in a very positive way. He’s in town. He’s responsive to meeting with Mike and he’s got a representative that Brian and Mike have been talking to on a regular basis so I think there’s some good things to come.

Though he is not directly involved, Wood did say he and Johnson are “cordial”.

“I did text with him when he got in the Hall of Fame and he texted me back and so it’s not like we’re – we’re cordial.”

People close to Johnson have encouraged him to mend fences with Lions

Wood said that mending fences will benefit the Lions and Johnson.

“I think it’s better for everybody, him and us. We kind of went through the same thing with Barry (Sanders) for a long time and I was at least partially responsible for helping get that mended and I think Calvin will see the same benefit if he comes back. He only wore one jersey his entire career.”

Rod Wood says Johnson's retirement ceremony ‘is coming'

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Though Wood would not commit to a Calvin Johnson retirement ceremony happening in 2023, he said it is “possible”, and that “It's coming”.

“Possibly. Possible. It’s coming. I don’t know if it’ll be this year, but it’s coming.”

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