Rookie Akil Baddoo describes walk-off win against Minnesota Twins

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Okay, just what can’t Akil Baddoo do?

The Detroit Tigers rookie already has launched a home run on the very first MLB pitch he faced, and then followed that up with a grand slam the next day. This afternoon, he gave the Tigers the walk-off win in the bottom of the 10th inning against the Minnesota Twins with a line-drive single to right field.

Afterwards, his teammates celebrated with him – literally dousing him in shaving cream, water, and other drinks.

“I’m literally covered in shaving cream, soda, water, powder,” an excited Baddoo explained during his post-game comments. “I’m still trying to regroup now.”

So what is the better feeling for the rookie? His first home run, the grand slam, or today’s walk-off game-winning single?

“That feeling right there is the best feeling,” he responded. “We won, so I want that feeling every time. I’ll take a single over a home run so we can win every day.”

We’re starting to think this kid has a bright future ahead of him wearing the Old English D.

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