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GOTTA SEE IT: Rugby player reacts to Pavel Datsyuk highlights

To the experienced viewer, hockey is an intense sport with meticulous strategy and very high levels of skill involved. But to a viewer on the outside looking in, hockey is just utter chaos. Grown men, many in excess of 200 pounds, flying at 20+mph at one another. Add to it flinging a piece of vulcanized rubber around each other at up to and over 100mph. We’ve grown used to this as avid viewers, but people such as rugby players for example, aren’t quite as seasoned. And when you witness them watching players such as former Detroit Red Wing Pavel Datsyuk, the result can be very entertaining.

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Take Jacob McDonald, a rugby player from New Zealand who has very little knowledge of NHL hockey. (To the point that he says Datsyuk’s name as “Paven” multiple times). Taking advice from multiple people, he decides to watch a couple videos of Pavel from his career; he’s absolutely blown away, and the result is very entertaining. Let’s watch along with him:

In case you want to skip to the good stuff:
@2:30 – He finally finds Datsyuk’s Wiki page.
@4:55 – Reacting to “The Career of Pavel Datsyuk“.
@9:12 – Reacting to the “Top 10 Pavel Datsyuk goals”.

(WARNING: Some NSFW language in the video.)

As Red Wings fans, we forget how spoiled we were to be able to watch a legend like Datsyuk night in and night out. Getting perspective from someone without any context is always greatly humbling, and at times hilarious. We miss you, Pavel!


JUST IN: Detroit Tigers Miguel Cabrera breaks silence

Another year, another Autumn without Detroit Tigers baseball. Part of the reason for that was the injury to Tigers big-hitter Miguel Cabrera, who ruptured his biceps tendon during a swing on June 12th. He’s been on the shelf and on the mend since then, and has been sorely missed.

The Tigers ended their season with a 64-98 record, which obviously means they’ll be missing the playoffs this year. But Cabrera has given Tigers fans a glimmer of hope to look forward to going into next year.

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Nathan Webb
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